A better day…

It’s been a better day… I’ve had things to distract me from my immediate worry and uncertainty.

Work has been busy, and I spent lunch time doing my first “couch to 5K” session on the treadmill here at work. My new fancy iPod arm cuff was perfect as I listened to the “couch to 5k podcast” while exercising. It tells you when to walk and run and plays music that seems to offer you hope of getting to the end… I completed it. My first triumph of the day…

And before I came to work I did my first session of the “200 sit ups challenge”. It seemed like all I could do was the teeniest of weeniest crunches (ie my head lifted off the floor) but what could I expect after having three kids and no exercise for 20+ years. It will take time……..

And then something came through that REALLY made me smile and forget about my troubles..

“A 5 page contract from a New York Literacy Agency…”

@#$!!!*&^%%$@1!1!!!@@@@ BEEP! Yes the first step on the ladder to a possible blog to book deal.. (next I put together a proposal and sample chapters and that goes off via the agency to hit the publishers to see what they think)

Oh yes, it’s only the beginning of a challenge infinitely tougher than losing 100 lbs, re-creating 100 recipes, or going from couch to 5k… (or even possibly child birth) I’ve NEVER written a book. But they have given me hope by having faith in me that I can do it. They’ll hold my hand I’m sure and I’ll be grateful for that…

I SOOOOOOOO need this in my life right now. When everything is going horribly wrong you appreciate anything that gives you hope.

Let the hard work begin…

C xxxxxx

8 thoughts on “A better day…

  1. I am SO happy for you! Thats incredible news! Its one of my personal goals to be published and I know how challenging it can be to get your stuff out there-but keep doing what youre doing bc its all worth it in the end! xox


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