Sorry- back soon

Hi all…. just wanted to apologize for not updating recently. A lot happened these past couple of weeks and I’ve needed time to re-group and try and grow strong.

No weight loss at last weigh in but I did lose 7 lbs the week before so not overly concerned.

Today has been particularly tough emotionally, my tummy hurts and I really kind of need a cuddle. A strong arm..

I’ll be back real soon, especially as there has been so many interesting comments left and I’m thinking about my next post.

Stay strong

C xxxxxxxx

12 thoughts on “Sorry- back soon

  1. Sending many hugs and good thoughts to you! A statement from a weight watcher member that helps me: “I used to think that I can’t lose weight if this or that is going on. But now I realize nothing can stop me!” Hope it helps you, too!

    • GREAT statement! It is the way one has to look at things or we’d all fail miserably! Thanks for sending that along Cynthia…. I always try my hardest to “Carry On” xxxxxx

  2. Just thinking of you and hope that all becomes clear/ok soon. You are such an inspiration! We’re all rooting for you–you have a bigger team than you can imagine!

  3. I was reading a magazine today and found a fantastic tearooms in Stratford Upon Avon called…wait for it!….The Fourteas, how fab is that? Apparently the menus look like ration books and the staff are all dressed in period fashion! Google it, perhaps it will make you smile x

  4. No need to apologize to any of us I’m sure. You just take whatever time you need to look after yourself. Sending you good thoughts!

  5. I hope you are feeling better Carolyn. Hang in there, your doing a fantastic job!

    Just thought I’d let you know, after two weeks of rationing I’ve lost about six pounds. Fell ‘off the wagon’ so to speak but got right back to it. I can now put my shoes on without turning purple so I must be doing something right.
    You continue to be an inspiration to me.

  6. You are absolutely AMAZING ! This is the first time I have seen your blog and you are an inspiration to us all, I only hope I can be as strong as you have been. Keep smiling x

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