Today I am no longer Morbidly Obese

Today, for the first time in 15 + years, I am no longer Morbidly Obese..

Now I am Obese Class 2 and not that far away from Obese class 1.

Can you see me smiling? And all in 6 months…. if I can do it you seriously can too!!!!!!



237 lbs- You have a BMI of 38.25

BMI is between 35-39.99 (Obese Class 2)
If you have a BMI of 35-39.99 your risk of weight-related health problems and even death, is severe. See your doctor and reduce your weight to a lower BMI.


299 lbs- You have a BMI of 48.50

BMI is over 40 (Obese Class 3 : Morbid Obesity)
With a BMI of 40+ you have an extremely high risk of weight-related disease and premature death. Indeed, you may have already been suffering from a weight-related condition. For the sake of your health it is very important to see your doctor and get specialists help for your condition.

22 thoughts on “Today I am no longer Morbidly Obese

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. 🙂

    First off, well done! You are an inspiration to so many. I’m commenting today because I really feel the BMI index is somewhat counterproductive. It does not take into account muscle mass, and because of this, many people fall into a category that is not an accurate representation of their body. Here are a few links.

    Just food for thought, in no way am I trying to diminish your triumphs thus far. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely, and look forward to reading more. 🙂



    • Dear Kat- thanks for taking time to leave a comment and one that is so very useful indeed. It’s 6 am in the morning here and as soon as a read it I got up, went for a pee and got my pink tape measure and measured my waist and used a different calculator that also takes into consideration a waist to height ration

      It gave me several results from a spectrum of indicators and I totally agree with you- I mean so many of us have different frames, some of us are sedentary and others active and toned underneath the flab! I’ll do some more research into it and list a few other options in my post above.

      Hopefully people will also read your comment above

      Thanks again, appreciate your input!

      C xxxxx

  2. Thanks you ALL for your comments… it makes my day reading them and really encourages and inspires me to keep going.

    Seriously, thank you xxxxxxxxx

  3. Before you know it you’re not going to be in any obese class! You’re well on your way and it’s inspirational to see you stick with it!

    Just as an aside, I’m not sure if you’re even looking for new and exciting exercise but if you want something out of the ordinary you should try Zumba. It’s wonderfully fun and an excellent work out. Honestly, you’ll be out of the obese classes in no time with this! Just a thought!

    Keep it up; you’re doing great!

  4. Every time I stop by here I’m totally impressed! I’m glad you are seeing tangible results – I know that will help keep you on track. Great job!

  5. This is my first time posting here, actually I stumbled upon your blog while researching WWII recipes. I have 100 lbs. to lose and mentioned to my Dr. that I was going to attempt this diet, he was doubtful it would work. But thanks to you I am inspired to try it. My BMI is at 42 and I have Type II diabetes. My Dr. says if I lose the weight it may eradicate the disease. I would love to walk into my next appointment with good results.
    I haven’t read all your postings yet but may I ask, how did you stay on track? I’ve tried many diets and got discouraged eventually giving up.
    Best of luck to you and thank you for being such an inspiration. I’ll be checking out your other posts ASAP.

    • Hi Susan- I was very soon going to clarify my position on what, to me, the 1940s Experiment is all about. It is not so much about eating 1940s recipes (although to me this is the interesting historical research that is keeping my interest in this) but rather WHAT people consumed as a nation during rationing and how active they were..

      BASICALLY: Very little meat and dairy, little or no processed foods (and therefore no MSG, hidden sugars and fats and Aspartame), more lentils, split peas, legumes, more fruit and LOTS & LOTS of local vegetables and leafy greens (I am talking a 1/2 plateful at your main meal + salads!)

      In addition people were more active, people WALKED or cycled everywhere..

      Although I am currently vegan I have attempted this twice before with very good results when I wasn’t vegan and it was simply because I wasn’t strong enough to carry on that I failed. I have to accept that I have now made a complete lifestyle change going vegan and to me that has really helped. It’s not for everyone (veganism or the 1940s Experiment) but it is for me, I KNOW this has saved my life and if anyone disputes this I’d fight my corner until my dying breath..

      You must please keep me up to date with how you get on…I’d love to hear

      C xxxxxxxx

  6. Thank you Carolyn for your advice. I have to admit that when I went to the grocery store determined to see this through I got quickly discouraged. Veggies, can do, but finding the other things used in the recipes can be daunting. I was attracted to this diet because of the lack of sugar and amounts of fat used. Living alone hasn’t inspired me to cook either. Preprocessed foods are too available and make it easy to keep eating unhealthy meals.
    When I started researching this diet I saw a big difference between the British and USA versions so I decided to follow the British recipes based solely on the use of sugar. The lack of fat intake is another reason. I’ve had two heart attacks in the last four years…the last one was a doozy!
    Besides, I love all things British but will never get to go to England so this will be the closest I’ll ever get to experiencing a slice of British life.
    Keep up the good work, you look great! Thanks again for being an inspiration.
    Today is my first day of the journey.

    • Good luck with your journey Susan and if I can help (being British and living in Blighty still!) then please feel free to contact me

  7. Wow! I’ve just been dipping in and out of all your blogs, comments, recipes and so on… You are one hell of an inspiration! I am 49 this year, lost 4 stone last year doing a silly shakes n soups diet that cost me a small fortune. I have managed to put most of it back on plus just discovered, courtesy of my hairdresser, that I lost quite a lot of hair to boot! Luckily I have plenty of hair and didn’t notice at the time, plus it’s all growing back… Anyway, I watched a repeat of a programme today about rationing and decided to follow the diet, ta-da! There you are in all your amazing glory doing exactly that! I’m on board, plus I love cooking so more than happy to get with the recipes! My 83 year old parents are both alive and very well so I can check things out with them and pass on any extra info. Regards from Louise x

    • Dear Louise- sorry for not responding sooner- it’s been a busy time just recently. That is awesome what you are doing!! I really must write my post on personally, what I feel the 1940s Experiment is trying to solidify.

      I’d LOVE to be able to share some of your recipes as I need to start cooking new recipes again! I’ve kind of gotten through the last couple of weeks just sticking to the same old thing because of going through some personal stuff…. it was just easier.

      Looking forward to hearing how you get on!!

      C xxx

  8. Carolyn this is fantastic! I’ve been reading you blogs since you were in Wales and I am so happy and proud of you. My DH is over 21 stone and has been struggling for 12 years to stick to a diet. I’ve just shown him how well you have done – I hope it makes him feel it is possible! Looking great is one thing, but I bet you are feeling great too? My DH always has backaches and knee pains. What differences have you noticed from losing the weight so far?

    • Oh WOW really? Thank you!! Oh it has made a HUGE difference… I cannot even begin to explain how PROFOUND this change has been physically and emotionally and I still have a lot of weight to lose! I was in constant pain when I walked when I was above 275 lbs… when I was 299 lbs and anywhere inbetween up to my heaviest of 345 lbs my knees really hurt when walking up and down stairs, my feet would swell up awfully nearing my heaviest, I sweated profusely at the simplest exhertion such as walking around a shop and in the shops I’d have to walk around with a shopping trolley in front of me so I could lean on it to take the weight off my back.

      Any visit that involved walking I’d be mentally planning it ahead making sure there were benches to sit at every so often… I’d have to park near the store front if going to the shops because walking from one side of the car park to the other was extremely painful… Candy it was HORRIBLE

      The best thing that happened to me EVER was when I’d lost 25 lbs… just that amount of weight made such a difference and the outcome affected me profoundly

      I said I’d never, ever try and encourage other people to lose weight BUT how I feel now to how utterly depressed and in pain I was just 60 lbs ago I can’t but help shouting it out. I know what it feels like (to be before and partly after) and its horrible to live being in such a struggle with life.

      This is the best thing I have ever done…. truly

      I hope your DH will try and persevere and lose a little bit… he would feel wonderful in himself and his smile would get wider

      Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Ok, this is what we will be eating tonight! I was watching a tv programme ages ago and remembered this wartime recipe which won a family favourite recipe competition. My mother says if you can’t get suet in Canada then try freezing the dripping and grating it while holding with paper, this gives the shredded suet consistency and leaves the resulting dough lighter!
    200g flour plus 1 tsp baking powder
    100g suet
    Pinch salt +pepper
    3 large leeks with plenty of green
    50g butter( marg will do)
    50g oil
    Garlic to taste really( finely chopped or minced)

    1) wash/chop leeks &dry on a tee towel
    Heat oil & butter in large pan, cook leeks and garlic slowly until soft-about 10 mins. Cool
    2) flour, baking powder, suet and salt n pepper into big mixing bowl. Stir in cold water bit by bit until it forms a dough. Roll out on a floured board to an oblong 1″ thick.
    3) cover with sheet of baking parchment slightly bigger than dough and then cover with a clean White cotton or linen tee towel. Place a baking sheet on top so you can flip over whole lot, ending up with towel on bottom and dough on top of parchment!
    4) spread leeks over dough leaving edges free and using paper and cloth roll up from short end like a roly poly pudding or Swiss roll. Wrap whole pudding in paper and finally wrap in the cloth, tucking in the ends and securing with a safety pin
    5) steam, covered over a pan of simmering water for 1 1/2 hours
    6) serve cut in slices with generous ladle of meaty gravy! I know you have that recipe lol!
    Hope you enjoy it! I think bacon fat/dripping would taste even nicer but as a vegan I’m sure you can use White solid veg fat and a different gravy?

    Regards from Louise Jones x

    • AWESOME!!! Thanks for the recipe Louise! I love the sound of this and I can use my Earth Balance soy margarine and shortening in this recipe- easy peasy!!!

      C xxx

  10. Well good news is the pudding tasted lovely BUT the texture is very ‘flobbidy’ as my daughter says! I decided to crisp it up in a hot oven and then it was delicious! Factor in about 20 mins extra after steaming in a hot oven on a baking sheet, the suet gave it enough fat to crisp it and gave it a lovely crust!

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