Weekly weigh in – 7 lb off!

It’s been an emotionally trying week. Nuff said…
Normally I’d ALWAYS turn to food for comfort, my choice of pain relief. Such is the life changing journey that this has become, not once did this become an option. Instead I experienced a lack of appetite, an alien concept for me, but I still ensured I ate three meals a day, I just had no wish to eat beyond that..
It shows in the weight loss this week, rather more than I expected. I am sure that will even out as my appetite returns. I won’t complain of course and I have worked hard in our office gym, lifting weights, bench pressing, treadmill and elliptical etc… oh and did I mention the outdoor walking?
Now I really can see my goal on the horizon to lose 100 lbs in one year. Just 38 lb to lose …
Start weight Oct 1, 2011:                           299 lbs
Weight last week:                                         244 lbs
Weight this week:                                        237 lbs
TOTAL loss this week:                                 -7 lbs
TOTAL weight loss since Oct 1:              62 lbs
Heaviest weight:                                           345 lb
TOTAL weight loss since heaviest:     108 lb

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