Craving, craving, craving….

Are you expecting me to say cheese, chocolate, crisps, cakes or a stonking great bottle of wine?

You’d be wrong.. I’m proudly craving two things..

a) A huge plate of asparagus

b) A huge bowl of organic mixed leaf salad with some fresh herbs and chives and some sauted mushrooms tossed in..

Roll on Friday (treat night and pay-day) because this is precisely what I’ll be curling up with on the couch that very night.

Night night all… weigh in tomorrow!

C xxxxx


One thought on “Craving, craving, craving….

  1. I often have cravings for banana’s and peanut butter. Not AS healthy, but better than a bag of crisps or a piece of cake! I have a wonderful recipe for a salad that has asparagus in it. I’ll pass it along when I get the chance 🙂

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