Death to PLATEAU- Day 6

I really feel like there will be no weight loss when I weigh in on Thursday morning…

People have been telling me I’m eating too little so I’ve tried to eat more but I just don’t feel like I am losing. Tomorrow will tell if the scales have shifted at all. I didn’t exercise yesterday- it was too crazy BUT I’ve done a lot of exercise throughout the week especially working in the garden on Saturday.

If there is little or no shift tomorrow I’ll be making a move to reduce my intake by around 400 calories per day for one week and see what happens. Up until now, these past 6 months, I’ve pretty much eaten what I’ve wanted as long as it is contained within my “rations” ..

Here was yesterdays food and exercise..

Breakfast (350 cals)

  • 1/2 dry cup of organic oatmeal (porridge) cooked in water
  • 1 tablespoon of flax seed
  • 1 apple

Lunch (700 cals)

  • Chopped potato (skins on) and parsnip cooked with margarine dotted over (vegan)
  • Glory Bun with margarine (spiced currant bun)

Snacks (350 cals)

  • Tomatoes
  • Another spiced bun with margarine (vegan)

Dinner (700 cals)

  • Root vegetables & legumes
  • Lentil gravy
  • Several dates

Food:          2100 cals

Exercise:   0

5 thoughts on “Death to PLATEAU- Day 6

  1. Hi Carolyn
    Have you considered you might not be drinking enough water? I have found in the past this can make a huge difference to weight loss. Just a thought!

    • I try and drink plenty (2 litres of fresh water and weak black tea every day) but could always do with drinking more. Occasionally I’ll have a day where I don’t drink enough and that makes me feel ikkkk! I’ll try more water for sure!! C xxxxx

  2. Have you looked into why people plateau? My understanding is that it’s a necessary part of your body’s downward adjustment. You’ve lost a lot of weight and your body starts conserving energy, which is a handy response in times of famine. But after a time, you body adjusts to the new weight, recognizes that there is no famine, and your metabolism resumes normal operation. Once your metabolism has returned to it’s customary set point, the weight loss will resume on its own. You don’t need to do anything (other than wait.) But if you continue to eat the correct amount of calories for a woman of your height and desired weight, you will eventually be that weight.

    • Fantastic!! I have 100% faith in my body and I know it will adjust… PLATEAU is the temptation sent to fill our heads with self doubt and I have to not let that corrupt that belief. Thanks for your positive response!! C xxxxxxx

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