Don’t let BIG hold you back!

I know this isn’t 1940s related BUT this has to be shared…

OK I am a sap, I’ve watched this several times over the last day or two and tears have trickled down my cheeks and for several reasons.

  • The beautiful voice
  • The beautiful young people (nothing superficial or ugly on that stage!)
  • The beautiful & classy revenge so exquisitely and publicly executed …

Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover Simon Cowell…

Watch and enjoy…

C xxxxxxxxxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Don’t let BIG hold you back!

  1. I have watched this repeatedly and blubbered uncontrolably each time. He has such a beautiful voice and I love all the shocked looks on the judges faces. It was wonderful! I have also been going down memory lane and watching the Susan Boyle audition from a few years back. Equal amounts of blubbering, especially with her choice of song!

  2. One of those rare occasions I actually agree with Simon. Sorry Jonathan but you will be better off without Charlotte, although you were great together singing songs from the Phantom of the Opera. Good Luck……………Hope you go all the way.

  3. Holy smokes… Jonathan’s voice is so powerful! And Charlotte’s voice is the perfect compliment to his! Nice to see the tables turned on all the “beautiful” people out there = ) I hope he goes far and handles fame better than Susan Boyle did (upon whose meltdown I blame those who managed her).

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