I killed someone..

I would just like you to know something about me… I am capable of killing.

This week I methodically and calmly assassinated someone who has been slowly trying to kill me for 20 years. I feel my actions are justified…

PLATEAU is dead (I’ve been stalked by PLATEAU this time for 3 weeks now) …. the fatal blow was delivered at 10 am this morning when I stood on the doctors scales at work and I happily discovered a weekly weight loss of 4 lbs.
Start weight Oct 1, 2011: 299 lbs
Weight last week:              248 lbs
Weight this week:              244 lbs
TOTAL loss this week:        -4 lbs
TOTAL weight loss:             55 lbs
I’m now 45 lbs from goal (which is to lose 100 lbs in one year)…
Today I am smiling 🙂
C xxxxx
PS: Just realized something.. today I am exactly 100 lbs down from my heaviest weight ever which was 345 lbs

16 thoughts on “I killed someone..

  1. That is WONDERFUL!!!!!! I must admit I’ve been stalking your blog today (even though I subscribe and knew I’d get an email) to see if you posted yet. Congratulations! Now that you know you can get past it, he’ll never give you problems again!!!

  2. We all knew this was going to happen. I am so very happy for you.
    The fact that you never gave up, and you listened to your inner self (and a few others) makes this a big victory.

  3. Congratulations! You are beautiful inside and out and such an inspiration to so many who are struggling 🙂

  4. Oh well done! You’ll probably plateau again before you’re through, but now you know it’s just a pause to let your body catch up with you and not some kind of failure.

  5. Congrats! You look so much more happy and alive than when you started! You’ve stared down the monster and found it was a kitten = ) May it always be so for you !

  6. OMG!!! Thank you all so very, very much!! I don’t care if I have blood on my hands…. he had it coming to him!!!

    Now it’s onwards and inwards..

    Thanks for kind words all but please remember that you guys inspire me to keep on going.. you really do xxxxxxxx

    C xxxxx

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