1940s Google Searches

And now for something completely different…. in my day job I’m rather a stats geek. It’s not surprising that this carries over to my WordPress Blog….

Google seems to love the 1940s Experiment and around 300-500 of the 2 to 4 thousand daily visits comes from search engines. It seems the 1940s and wartime recipes are more popular than one would have thought!

For anyone else who is part retro and part stats geek like me… enjoy. Here is what people were looking for today when they clicked through to my site…

wartime recipes 16
ww2 recipes 9
world war 2 recipes 6
war time recipes 6
40’s hairstyles 6
1940s popular meals 6
rationing recipes 6
1940s hairstyles 6
pictures of wartime meals 6
world war 2 rationing recipes 6
world war 2 recipes for kids 5
1940s recipes 5
ww2 recipes for children 4
eggless pancakes 4
1940’s rationing recipes 3
ww2 cake recipes 3
100 wartime recipes 3
mock cream recipe uk 3
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ww2 potatoes recipes 3
ration recipes 3
second world war recipes 3
what was the ration portion weekly in the war 2
the most weird recipes in the world book 2
wwii recipes 2
marguerite patten wartime recipes 2
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rtion menus in the 40’s 2
war time recipes for children 2
ww2 rationing recipes 2
ww2 shortbread 2
pillsbury recipe for welsh cakes 2
rationing quotes uk 2
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vegan recipes 2
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bread pudding war time meal 2
1940 desert receipes 2
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bread and dripping recipe 2
1940 meeals 2
size of a shilling 1940s 2
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ration diet 1
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how to make gravy 1940s style 1
recipes used in the war or prior the war 1
do you need milk in an ww2 eggless sponge 1
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keeping soda bread 1
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1940’s daily food 1
1940s dress styles 1
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how much were carrot seed during ww2 1
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faux bangs 1
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rock cake recipe bbc 1
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what recipes were there that you can do with your rations during world war two 1
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http://www.worldwar2 shortbread 1
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restoring anderson shelter 1
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price of potatoes in 1940 1
fat free fruit cake “world war” 1
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1940 diet good for losing weight 1
v e day recipes food 1
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food in 1940s britain 1
how to make bread and dripping 1
1940s bangs 1
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make do and mend world war 2 1
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ww2 food for ve parties

8 thoughts on “1940s Google Searches

  1. Can’t speak geek, sorry. I wonder if the National Curriculum has kicked into WW2 mode recently? I wonder if the current financial spot of bother has people wondering how Granny coped? I wonder if I can remember any leet?!

    • It may have done! I get the odd young student pop up and ask questions and I think you are spot on with the economy and personal finances…. xxx

  2. I don’t speak geek either, but I always find it interesting when I check to see where my blog readers have come from. There are some very interesting searches you listed. Porno 1940. Really? LOL I did a search out of curiosity to see how far down the list your blog would have shown up and after 12 pages I gave up. If that is what they were looking for I wonder what kind of ‘experiment’ they thought you were doing when they clicked on your link!

    • Haha Marina- I hadn’t spotted that one!

      I’m glad my website wasn’t listed on the first page of Google results for 1940s Porno! The good news is it’s where it should be for the search terms WW2 recipes and wartime recipes and that’s normally in the first 4 or 5 top returned results on the 1st page!

      Do you find locations interesting too? It’s fun to see where in the world your readers come from!

      C xxx

  3. Ha ha! When I look at my blog stats I do get some far away locations. I have one reader in Taiwan and a few in Russia. It has been a while since I posted on the blog though, life got the better of me when i started homeschoolling, so the poor blog has been neglected. Better it than the kids though I guess!

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