Dig for Victory

If governments really cared for their people they would be using their resources to put together a modern day “Dig for Victory” campaign…

During WWII public information films encouraged individuals and communities to be ingenious, creative and to take responsibility in growing extra food for the table to balance food shortages.

The “Dig for Victory” campaign was launched in 1939 by the British government. Before the war Britain imported 55 million tons of food annually (over 2/3rds) . During the war that reduced to only 1/3rd and the dig for victory campaign helped alleviate some of the vegetable and fruit shortages.

People were encouraged to use any spare land like gardens, Anderson shelter roofs, parks etc to create productive wartime gardens that would be able to put food on the table for their families, most of the year.

The “Victory Garden” and the “Dig for Victory” campaign provides a model for todays society. 70 years ago, victory gardening was setting an example promoting recycling and sustainable land management (using companion planting, growing plants side by side to repel or attract insects) and fresh seasonal local produce straight from the earth (no air miles) high in nutritional value.

It’s time to return….

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4 thoughts on “Dig for Victory

  1. This is a wonderful clip! Thanks for sharing! My parents always had vegetable gardens growing up and I have carried that on with my own children. It is amazing how different fresh from the garden veggies taste, and the savings are unbelievable. I was actually a bit perturbed this year because had I know it was going to be such a mild winter in Southern Ontario, I could have tried some late root crops of turnips, parsnips and beets! While I do see a trend in urban farming, I think so many more people could be doing it to keep things local and eat healthier.

  2. I am doing my own dig for victory. I live alone, as I am a widow and my children are grown up and raising their own families. I have turned my back garden area into a growing area for fruit and veg. I have a greenhouse and grow everything from seed, then plant out into the garden when the weather is appropriate. Because I am only feeding myself, I am almost self sufficient in veg from May to December with some veg in store or the freezer, for the winter. I get a great deal of pleasure from my garden. Good luck to you Carolyn when you start your own veg garden. I am totally organic. I love your blog and it is grat to see you losing weight so consistently. xx

    • Several years ago I always grew a garden but since moving to Canada I haven’t (except in the first year)… can’t wait to get back to it. Just hearing what you do is giving me chills… I miss the dirt! And YES Organic all the way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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