Another 3 lbs off!

Firstly apologies! This is a crossover with my other blog but I am challenged time wise but needed to tell you……

I lost again!

3 lb this week which makes 13 lbs in 3 weeks (since I started the 60 day fitness challenge). I AM SIMPLY BESIDE MYSELF with not only the weightloss (I’m eating tons.. wholefoods and plant based vegan diet of around 2000 cals a day) but the fact that I am walking… that’s right, getting of my arse and walking for 40 minutes every day.

Today I was at the track for 8:30 am and it was my best morning yet…. 13 laps in 31 minutes (non-stop) and my back pain was only minor. The best I could do when I started was 5 laps in 15 minutes and then I’d have to rest for 10 minutes before doing any more walking.

If you are big like me, walking is a great way to get yourself moving and today, at the track I saw a young mother with her baby in a pushchair on the track and an elderly gentleman with a walking stick exercising too! All shapes and sizes, some fit some not so……I feel right at home on the track and actually look forward to going. The feeling afterwards is exhilarating …

So what differences have I found and can I see?

Back pain: it’s still there when I exercise and somedays it is worse than others but generally it has improved enormously already. The other day I noticed I no longer get back pain stood at the kitchen sink!
Blood pressure & pulse: taken before I started the 60 day fitness challenge it was 176/88 and my pulse at rest was around 80. I took some readings the other day and my pulse was around 68 and my BP 126/69 (I have been eating lots of vegetables that are known for lowering blood pressure)
Fitness: as above! I seriously can’t believe it!
Clothes: I now have a few more items in my wardrobe I can fit into!
Body image: I still look scarily similar in shape to a TELETUBBY however my face is looking a little thinner I do believe!
Smile: my smile is bigger these days 🙂

I’ve a LONG LONG way to travel but I know I CAN do this…

Thanks to friends, work friends, blog friends and Facebook friends who have offered their support and encouragement- YOU ROCK!!!

NEXT STEP: Changing over to a 1940s Vegan diet

4 thoughts on “Another 3 lbs off!

  1. Good for you Carolyn! The treadmill is in my near future. I was on it every other day over last winter and spring and lost about 25 pounds. Summer was just too busy with gardening, canning/preserving and farm projects so I took a break. The bulk of that should be done by the end of the month and it’s back to a regular exercise schedule again.

  2. Well done Caroline. It is so difficult to get motivated to lose weight, but you seem very motivated and I am sure you will succeed. Personally I think that the walking you are doing every day is playing a big part in your weight loss. During the war nobody had much option and walked or cycled all the time. Your weight loss is fantastic.

    • Oh I think you are TOTALLY right! I think people were way more active during WWII than we are now so at least making the effort to walk is a step in the right direction…. 🙂 Thanks so much!! xxx

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