10 lbs off in 2 weeks! Yay!

This is awesome! Another 4 lbs OFF! Last week I was down 6 lbs and the 10 days before that I lost another 4……. to say I am pleased is an understatement!

Most of the food I am consuming (not all- I am slowly making the move over to 1940s vegan) would have been available to the 1940s vegan. The consumption of lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and wholefoods and NO junk seems to be the key- coupled with exercise.

As a big person it can be really hard to push yourself to do exercise especially if you have back & joint pains. BUT trust me, little by little it gets easier and you feel wonderful having achieved something positive. That’s how I’m feeling anyhow and I KNOW losing 100 lbs is indeed possible.

C xxxx


3 thoughts on “10 lbs off in 2 weeks! Yay!

  1. Hi, Just found your wonderful site. I have always loved the forties and rive my family mad by feeding them wartime meals! I am interested to see you have a problem with joint and back pain, as I do too and need to lose weight! Am excited to follow your blog, Julie.


  2. Wonderful news! Especially that it is getting easier. Because eventually it gets really pleasurable, and you can’t imagine why you ever ate anything else. One of the great things about being a vegan and in my case also a locavore, is that you become really familiar with what grows in your region, and you start to make friends with vegetables and grains you might otherwise have ignored. In my quest for the perfect Woolton Pie, I’ve started to use a 50/50 mix of white flour and whole wheat, both now thankfully available from local producers. I used to hate whole wheat anything, but it actually makes a really delicious, nutty, fragrant pie crust. I don’t know whether it is just the local variety that I’m using that is so delicious, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s coarsely ground, but I’ve finally made friends with a whole grain.

    I finally made friends with kale this year because it’s been so abundant — will send recipe. Still trying to figure out kohlrabi, which I confess to not quite understanding. Maybe next year.


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