The 1940s UK Radio Station is on!

Well things happened in my life 4 or 5 months ago so I didn’t follow through when asked if I’d be interested in a presenter slot at The 1940s UK Radio Station. (in this wonderful day and age I can do this via Skype or audio files in my spare time)

But things are better at the moment and yesterday I was given the opportunity once again to develop a show based on the WWII Domestic Home-front which will of course incorporate some 1940s Experiment recipes and my weight loss journey!

I am very excited by this as many years ago I had a wonderful time developing a weekly podcast show called “Rural Radio” which was just so fun and awesome with all it’s wonderful guests!

This time I cannot let this second opportunity pass- it will appeal to my secret creativity and will also focus my mind on something productive rather than thinking about food too much. Find something you love I hear people say!

Sooo there are somethings I’ll need to do

a) Think of a name for the show
b) See if there is anyone out there who maybe interested in being interviewed about their love of the 1940s (I’ll send a few questions and you simply have to answer them and send me the audio file) or anything really!

THANK YOU to the 1940s UK Radio Station for this opportunity once more and for having faith in me and I’ll be working hard over the next couple of weeks to put together a showreel and 1st show…

PS If you have any ideas what you would personally LOVE to hear on a 1940s music radio show (music and also the inbetween bits!) please share below! Or how about some food related questions?

PPS THANK YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10 thoughts on “The 1940s UK Radio Station is on!

  1. Congrats!!!!! Recipes are always good but what about the various ways people coped? How people found ways to reuse what they had and make something else out of it. The resourcefulness of everyone during the war is so fascinating!!! The ways people supplemented their diet. Any ways its just a thought. Good luck and let us know when you’ll be on!


    • I really like the idea of the frugalness… I mean these ideas are as valid today as they were then… we all need to make ends meet sometimes or make things stretch further! Thanks Cathy xxxxx

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes! I’m so glad you’ve decided to do the show…….you are the perfect person to do it! As for topics, I agree with everything Cathy has said, but I would like some emphasis on how Canadian women coped. They didn’t have the same restrictions as the British, but what restrictions did they have, and how did they manage. Recipes are great….I might even be persuaded to try some of your vegan ones! By the way, congrats on your recent weight loss and increasing physical activity……I am inspired to try again myself!

    Cynthia (marjorie1940)

    • Thanks Cynthia for your support and confidence!!! LOL!!! You have some great thoughts there and a fab idea about the collections and passions! I need to do more research on how Canadian women coped as most of my research to date is based on WWII Home front in the UK… but it will be great finding out more and comparing the differences between Uk and North America/Canada xxxxx

  3. Thanks Lisa and YES I sure would! It is kind of interesting to see what an impact WWII had globally on the domestic front xxxx

    C xxxxx

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