1/4 million visitors – thank you!

I was shocked to see, that yesterday, there had been nearly 1500 visitors to my blog and investigating a little further 1/4 of a million visitors since it began!

The most popular page is my wartime 1940s recipes page… and I promise to continue cooking and photographing authentic wartime recipes for everyone (meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans)

Thank you to everyone who drops by for a read or leaves a comment. It means a lot to me!!!

C xxxxxxxxxxxx

4 thoughts on “1/4 million visitors – thank you!

  1. I am not surprised that you have had so many visits to your blog. It is informative, funny and sometimes thought provoking. I love your blog and check in regularly.
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Carolyn Hope you are well. I have a question for you…Why do you think the majority of people in the 1940’s and 50’s were slim compared to today? When you consider the lard and pastries we ate ( I was born in the 50’s) My mother would often make a meat and potato pie esp[ecially if meat had to be stretched out. Now I am over weight and don’t any of that kind of food except on special occasions. Any one else got ideas as to why this is? Surely it can’t be down to just exercise! Rosemary

  3. I’m a volunteer at the MacArthur Museum Brisbane, Australia. (www.mmb.org.au) We’d like to use some of your pictures and story about using 1940s rationing as a weight loss program in our newsletter. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Our SBS TV had a family that tried to live for a week on wartime rations and they found it tough going, you made it an amazing four months! Good luck to you. Keep it up!

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