60 days fitness challenge

Hi all…

I will be sitting down this weekend and working out all the recipes I can adapt to Veganism… for those who have just found my blog I’ll be starting a health and exercise challenge at work (I do no exercise- not even walking at the moment) for
8 weeks and part of that challenge is a vegan diet and walking for 40 minutes each day (6 days a week).

During WWII there were vegetarians and vegans… infect the word VEGAN and the Vegan Society were created in Great Britain in 1944.

I have read that vegetarians and vegans were given special ration books… vegetarians received extra cheese instead of meat and I believe that vegans were given extra rations in raw nuts. I have yet to find out conclusively but I will keep trying.

Just because I am going vegan for 8 weeks doesn’t mean I will be leaving out re-creating meat dishes during this period of time. My daughter Em is usually pretty keen to try out my 1940s food so I will make some recipes for her…

I’ve been running my blog for two years on and off…. when I’ve stuck to rationing 100% I’ve seen my weight drop off steadily. The biggest struggle I face is
temptation and sometimes I give up, fall down, feel sorry for myself and get disheartened. BUT
I always get back up again and just keep going…

In my heart I KNOW that as humans, we become a healthier species by reducing meat and dairy to a fraction of what we normally are used to eating, avoid processed, junk and fast foods and eat large quantities of fruit and vegetables.

My obesity is caused by exactly that… I know what to do, I just got to keep on
doing it! I don’t want HUGE FAT ARSE KNICKERS for ever!

Thanks again for all the comments and questions you have left on my blog and on my Facebook page…. I’ll make sure to answer all of them over the next few days.

Thank you!!!! xxxxxxx


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