Lunch time at work

So I’m eating lots of veggies!

It’s my lunch break at work and I had an Oslo Meal without the cheese and milk! (I guess it isn’t an Oslo Meal then)… but just so I don’t go into shock with not having dairy (until I find my feet on eating vegan on 1940s rations) I did have some Almond milk in place of regular milk.

The good news is I found out that Vegans (as well as vegetarians) were given “special” ration books during the war and vegans were given “nuts” instead of cheese so I’ve had some walnuts with my salad too!

A pretty nutritious meal if I say so myself!

Catcha Later!

C xxxxxx


3 thoughts on “Lunch time at work

  1. Speaking of Norway (since you mentioned ‘Oslo’ ;-)..), I was watching yesterday the documentary ‘Forks over Knives’ ( , and which I highly recommend) when it was mentioned in the film a small bit about war-time Norway. Apparently when the Nazi’s occupied Norway, they commandeered the country’s meat and dairy operations in order to feed the German army, forcing the population at large to eat a diet consisting of more plant and grain based foods. However during this period of several years, heart disease rates among Norwegians declined precipitously. When the war was over and Norway went back to its traditional diet (heavy on animal products) the disease rates began climbing again. Pretty fascinating…!


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