I wanna be a Land Girl!

I think if I had been a young woman during WWII I would have wanted to be a Land Girl… Of course that is wishful thinking because at 45 I’m 20 years past it and the best I could hope for would be to be a Land Lady.. (and I’m not always a lady!)

Today I was thinking of my favourite WWII movies.. “Hope and Glory” is one of them and another is “The Land Girls”… it’s the domestic side of wartime that interests me.

If you come across “The Land Girls” on your travels, I’d recommend buying a copy (although it is rather hard to find)…

Here is a brief review from IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119494/

Land Girls is about a British program during World War II that trained women from all over the country to work on farms while the men were at war. Stella, Ag and Prue are three young women from different areas and different classes who go to work on an old farm in south-coastal England. But this isn’t a “fish out of water” kind of film – the women adjust reasonably quickly and become part of the family. There is a the crotchety farmer, helpful farmer’s wife and good looking son who plans to join the RAF. The war feels generally a bit remote – the young women can see bombing from a hilltop, but aren’t in the middle of the fighting.
The movie focuses on Stella, who’s engaged to a young man at a nearby naval station. Prue is the somewhat adventurous hair stylist-turned-cow milker, and Ag is a university student off to help her country. Strongly recommended for folks who enjoy realistic settings and anything about World War II home life.

5 thoughts on “I wanna be a Land Girl!

  1. I LOVE this movie. If you can get your hands on it, read Land Girls by Anglea Huth. Excellent book that the movie is based on 🙂

    Have you been watching BBC series Land Girls? The story lines are okay, but I really feel it doesn’t focus enough on what they were doing as Land Girls and more about their love lives.

  2. Thanks for the book title! Marina- I don’t live in the UK at the moment so didn’t know about the series Land Girls (I’d love to see that though!)… I’ll take a look on YouTube and see if there are any trailers!


  3. *sigh* wordpress keeps kicking me out and I am not sure if my messages are getting through!

    Any how – you have seen The Wartime Kitchen and Garden with Anya as Annie the Land Girl haven’t you?

  4. Carolyn,
    Thank you for your reply yesterday. Now, on today’s topic… I too wanted to be a (41 y.o.!) land girl girls, but have just read “The Boat Girls” by Margaret Mayhew


    which is about the 15 women who worked on narrow boats during the war – without extra rations! Now I want to be an ‘Idle Woman’!


    Funny enough I have just received ‘Hope and Glory’ through my DVD rental and was planning on watching it this afternoon!


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