Week 13 – 35lb off with 65lb to go!

Despite a few glitches over Halloween (no matter how hard I try to convince myself there is no way they had funsize Kit Kats in the 1940s!) the scales this morning are showing another 2lb off!!!

I have now lost 35 lbs and am down to 280

This means I am on track (with a bit in hand) to lose 100lb in one year which was my goal when I started this blog 3 months ago. There will still be quite a bit of weight to lose beyond this but I am focussed on the 100lb goal- being 1/3rd of the way there already is very motivating..

My fears are that the next few months will be my danger period- typically this has alway been the time for me where everything goes wrong and the weight creeps on again. I can’t let this happen though……this is it. It’s my one shot…

Good luck to everyone who is struggling to do the same!

C xxx


6 thoughts on “Week 13 – 35lb off with 65lb to go!

  1. Gosh you’re doing so well! Don’t stress about holiday season celebrations too much. Focus on small portions, eat slowly and enjoy yourself. Even if you don’t lose more weight or maybe even gain a tiny bit back it does not mean your diet is broken.
    Revel in your past success and relish your future accomplishment.

    Feel free to keep track of me at http://seelieness.wordpress.com


    • Thanks for your support- holidays are always a big danger to anyone trying to lose weight!!

      I have had no more Kit Kats and am right back to it so here’s hoping for another 2lb weight loss next week.

      Must check your link out and see your weight loss journey too- people’s weight loss blogs are very addictive… it helps to read about people going through much the same

      See ya

      C xxx


  2. Its fantastic that you lost weight over Halloween, just let that momentum carry you through the holidays. You will do well and if you lean over the side of the wagon and indulge a little bit you’ll be fine. Just remember that even in the war people had access to bits of chocolate and would save up their flour, eggs and butter to make special things, you can do that too.

    Congrats again on surviving Halloween.



    • Thanks Cathy and yes you are right of course and sometimes I forget that there were some nice celebration foods in the 1940’s….people did save their goodies up and splurge and cook up some lovely treats..

      Thanks for your encouragement!!

      C xx


  3. You are doing so well Caroline! 35 pounds is awesome, you should be so proud of yourself. Keep focused on your goal, reward your successes (not with food!) and you will have success. If you fall off the path once in awhile, and we all do, (Christmas is hard, no doubt about that!) just dust your self off, take a deep breath, and get back on. I know that you know this, but it sometimes helps to hear other people repeat it!

    Cheering you on from dreary Manitoba.



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