What is your favourite wartime recipe?


Candy Apples- A 1940’s Halloween Treat? CLICK HERE for recipe

I have a FREE weekend (so far…except for Halloween and grocery shopping)

This means I get to catch up on a whole lot of cooking with at LEAST a few different recipes as for every lb I lose I’ll re-create a wartime recipe on my blog.

Is there a wartime recipe you’d like to see re-created? If so please leave your suggestions as a comment and I’ll try to tackle a couple- see what they come out like!

And now for something non- 1940s BUT tomorrow is Halloween! At work we have been busy putting together some fabby recipes and crafts for a useful Halloween page. My friend Jana brought in some Frankenstein Cookies to work yesterday (I do admit to tearing an arm off to taste it- it was the tastiest arm I have ever gnawed on)…

You can see the Franken Cookies, Candy Apples, Ghosty Cakes, Orange Jack O Lanterns and soups by CLICKING HERE

I wonder what treats they had in the 1940’s for Halloween?

C xx