15 lbs dropped in 28 days

Just a quick update to let you know how I’m getting on with the 60 day fitness challenge” we are doing at work.

As part of the fitness challenge I have turned vegan for 60 days and am walking for 40 minutes nearly every day. I’ve been recording my daily calories out of interest and they are coming in between 1800 and 2200. I’ve eradicated all junk food and am sticking to basic wholefoods and lots of vegetables.

Instead of regular milk I am using almond milk and there are no eggs, meat or cheese.

There were vegans during WWII and infact the word VEGAN came about during WWII.

Up until now I have been experimenting with different regular recipes but this weekend I turn over to eating 100% authentic wartime recipes (converting them to vegan)

I’ll still be doing meat recipes too as my youngest Hobbit Emily really likes them!

CLICK HERE to read more about this weeks weight loss

A special thanks to “Liz Mednick” who has been sending me some wonderful recipes to assist me in eating wartime vegan! I can’t wait to start trying these out and to of course share them with others!

C xxxxxxx