1940s inspired goals


I bought vintage mis-matched crockery on eBay for the 1940s Supper Club

I admit to floundering. I’m here in the UK and so much has changed in 9 years and I’m not sure which way to be turning or quite what I’m doing and no job yet.

Without setting goals in my life I swim around in circles wasting so much energy only to end up right at the beginning again. While I’m job hunting I’ve been thinking of ways to get back on track with my weight loss (BTW I jumped on the scales this morning to see that I am now up another 9 lbs since August 6 which now puts me at 279 lbs) and making theoretical plans for the future so if I can’t get regular employment I can maybe get through by doing part-time work and also become self-employed to some extent. I’m no stranger to cutting expenditure right back to the bone and already I’m tightening the purse strings.

I have made a few frugal purchases though, to motivate me and keep my goals and ambitions to the forefront..

Thanks to ‘Cookaholic Kate’s’ early morning e-mail I am now the proud owner of a set of mis-matched vintage trios off eBay.. 12 sets for £12! Ideal to squirrel away in the cupboard for my current dream of a 1940’s pop-up supper club.


And having lived in old t-shirts and yoga pants for 20 years, without a glimpse of a calf muscle or shapely ankle (OK in my case CANKLE) I spotted the most wonderful classy vintage style dress that I immediately fell in love with. Of course at the moment there would be no way I could squeeze my bottom into such a thing of beauty, even with the most brutal corset in the world, so this is my goal, my motivation and something that I could wear within 3 months if I work hard at it.

I’m happy in yoga pants and old t-shirts, padding around in bare feet but I’ve lost the feminine me over the years of child rearing and just coping with life. I want to occasionally look in the mirror and see pretty things, and ankles and a hint of a cleavage and feel good about myself.

Our brave home front ladies did that. Amidst all their hardship (how can we ever really appreciate what they truly went through) they did their best to get dressed up on occasion and wore their red lipstick as a badge of courage, despite what life threw at them.

It’s time to take a lesson from these amazing women.

C xxx

The 1940s Supper Club

An interesting clip on a pop-up restaurant run by Ms Marmite- Kerstin Rodgers

At this moment in my life, although I’m pretty happy and coping well, I’m struggling with my weight, stressed, and concerned about securing a job,  To cover all bases I’m having to think outside the box and doing some research and making some theoretical plans ‘incase’ I do not secure employment.. and I need to secure employment real soon.

This morning, thanks to readers MollyByTheSea and Cookaholic Kate I’ve been made aware about a rapidly expanding underground movement in the UK called ‘Pop-Up” restaurants and supper clubs. Essentially a host opens their dining room to guests for the evening and cooks a set menu (all promoted through social media). Dinner party guests make a donation and bring their own bottle and it truly is a way to experience different foods and have fun.

The whole essence of this appeals to me and, in typical ‘Carolyn-getting-distracted-fashion’ that’s all I have thought about all day.

Would it be possible to have a 1940s Supper Club in my home once a month and share authentic ‘ration book’ cookery? People could dress up if they wished, there would be music and air raid sirens, interesting topics of conversation and some nostalgic foods.

I’ve worked out, with the help of my eldest daughter, I could cater for 10..

I’ll be doing a food hygiene course and will get my kitchen inspected and look into public liability insurance of course if it seems like there would be a regular monthly attendance.

I’d REALLY like your feedback…

  • Have you ever been to a pop-up restaurant or supper club?
  • What did you think?
  • What happened during the evening?
  • What were your expectations and were they fulfilled?

If you could take a moment of your time to voice your opinion I’d be very grateful indeed..

And finally, would you be interested in attending a 1940s wartime supper club and if so what would you love to taste or experience?

Thank you so much

C xxxxx