Losing Weight by Living on WW2 Rations?

I uploaded a video on some thoughts about going back to living on WW2 Rations for a full year last night. In addition to my day to day journal/diary I’m keeping a more in depth diary about the weight-loss side so thought I’d share this video and a page from my second diary.

I’m really interested to see how this whole year will also impact on my health. I’m having bloods/cholesterol levels done on February 10th and I also have some older blood tests from last year too and at the end of the year it will be very interesting to see what has changed, hopefully for the better.

I’m not counting calories, and if I do start trying to in my head and remind myself to stop it immediately! Ultimately I don’t want to live my life counting my calories. I want a carefree existence, free from obesity, where I enjoy all sorts of food and not feel guilty about it. It’s getting the balance right and during this year I hope to work towards that.

The only time I can remember truly feeling that way was when I was around 10 years old. Every generous meal that was served at the table was enjoyed greedily and without guilt. Three substantial meals and a light supper. No eating between meals. Scones and rock cakes, apple pie and custard were devoured on a Sunday along with a smashing roast dinner and occasionally Dad would take us along to the shop when he got his newspaper on a Saturday morning, and my brother and I would have a small bag of sweets from the penny tray! In those days I gambolled around in the countryside, enjoyed walking and getting up to no good and of course pony riding.

In those days I never thought about my body shape, never fretted about what I ate, never ate until I thought I was going to be sick. Food was something to look forward to but it wasn’t an obsession, it gave me energy to get back up and go and play outside, running around the garden, pretending I was “National Velvet“.

I really want those carefree days back again….

C xxxx

10 thoughts on “Losing Weight by Living on WW2 Rations?

  1. There weren’t the same opportunities for snacks when we were young; breakfast, milk at school break, school dinner, tea, apple hot milk and bedtime. Chocolate bars, penny sweets, crisps were usually only at weekends.

    • Exactly! These days we have a wonderful abundance of goodies at our fingertips but alas what we perceive as a “normal” way of eating has changed somewhat. For instance sweets and crisps every day…. not the worst if you can have a couple of sweets and a very small bag of crisps after you’ve eaten all your nutritious food but for me anyway, the crappy food takes over! C xxx

  2. Everything you said resonates with me….oh how I hark back to those simpler days, when we didn’t have FOMO & an abundance of unhealthy adverts plaguing our every thought! Good luck my friend you’ve got this💜

    • Totally with you on this, it’s all like a constant noise in one’s head, even on social media with influencers plugging food and drinks for gym/health or whatever, it’s relentless. Trying to keep it simple, when food was just food. Hugs xxxx C

  3. Your video brightened my day Carolyn. We have had snow this morning and the washing is drying on hangers on the kitchen curtain rail.
    Coal was rationed in WW2, and once again we are rationing the heating, this time to avoid huge bills.

    I can get my pensioners’ bus pass in two weeks. It must have been hard for people with cars to have petrol rationed, and then have none allowed for private use for years.

    I hope the poor gut settles down to all this healthy fibre. We find that a glass of home made kefir helps. It is a fermented super yoghurt.
    Good luck with the walking, do you use walking poles? I hope it will not be icy next week.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi there, yes to rationing heat but the other night I forgot to turn the heating off and the heating ran all night, I woke up all warm and cosy but freaked a little then realising the cost of that mistake!! haha! Great with the pensioners bus pass! Can’t wait to get mine when I’m 65, only 7 years to go. I think my Mum got hers when she was 60 but things change.

      My stomach has now settled down, just a bit windy!! This morning I managed to walk to work, the back pain is still horrible but less horrible than a week ago and yes I used a walking pole because the ground was slippery and frosty but also it helps a little with the back. Hopefully, by the end of the month I’ll be back to walking every day to work again xxxxx Hugs xx C

  4. We do have to set goals. My family didn’t serve very interesting meals or veggies other than corn or carrots so I’ve had to learn much after age 18. 63 now and my goal is lower than 200 so it gives me some leeway if that makes sense. My snacks are instead water or herbal teas. Filling and safe. We had freezing rain yesterday. Not going outside until it melts!

    • Absolutely. I like having goals personally, it works for me. I’m the same as you, lower than 200 lbs and maintain that, never go above again. That’s the dream, that’s the goal. Good luck Karen xxxx C

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