1 year on WW2 Rationing – Video thoughts

It’s late afternoon and I’ve just got out of bed. I had a nasty attack of vertigo around 11pm last night, such a horrible and scary feeling, and it continued to persist into the afternoon but its slowly calming down and I’ve just got out of bed with a soft neck brace on to make a sandwich on rations! I was HUNGRY!

Last night, before everything went spinny and I couldn’t stand up, I edited a video from my birthday with some thoughts on starting WW2 rationing for a full year and thought you might be interested. I will be sharing some factual rationing information throughout the year too as well as recipes, am really looking forward to that. There are some fantastic recreated recipes in our Facebook group too, some fantastic cooks sharing their rationing dishes! Our group is here..

Apologies too, I am a little behind answering any lovely messages or comments plus the draw for the journals but hopefully I can catch up with these soon but not today as I’m heading back to bed as my head is still a bit spinny if I don’t keep it absolutely still! I’ll probably do a bit of journaling and reading if I feel OK.

Hugs, C xxx

PS: Please don’t be concerned. I do know it’s a positional type of vertigo as it has been checked out in A & E before! I tend to get it maybe a couple of times a year, mostly it is something I can go to sleep on and it is Ok in the morning but occasionally it can be more severe where it lasts a few days and I literally can only sit in bed or in a chair and not move my head at all!

5 thoughts on “1 year on WW2 Rationing – Video thoughts

  1. I know how you feel. I have a recurrent problem with an inner ear infection. Since it’s viral,I just have to wait it out. I take meclizine (antivert) for it which makes me drowsy which is much better than having everything spinning. I pray that your vertigo is short lived. It’s a horrible feeling.

  2. I hope you feel better soon Carolyn.
    I found out yesterday that I am high risk for type 2 diabetes, so I need this challenge.

    Breakfast was a small bowl of porridge with some fruit, and home made kefir.
    Lord Woolton said, “One teaspoon of tea per person and none for the pot during wartime.” We have a tea cosy and top the teapot up with boiling water for a good second cup. I have mug of tea plus a flask full at bedtime for the cough since I had Covid.

    We checked the yellow-sticker shelves at Sainsburys and got 2 chicken legs and thighs, 540g, and 500g of good mince, for £3.79. I shall freeze half of the mince. Fish was not rationed and I spent £1.40 on a pack of kippers. I have done chicken and leek stew in the pressure cooker, served with microwaved green vegetables, and with leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

    DH has made a nice bread maker loaf with 400g of Sainsbury’s stoneground flour £1.50 for 1.5kgs. I have just one slice a day. We are using British rapeseed oil in the bread and as our margarine ration. The spread with just butter, rapeseed oil, water and salt, makes the butter ration go further.

    In spite of the weather we had five eggs so far this week from our three young chickens under their clear tarpaulin run in the garden.

    We grow some fruit, but want to grow some climbing beans at least this year. They give a lot in a small bit of garden.

  3. Thanks for this honest video, will follow with interest and try my best to do the rest.

    div dir=”ltr”>Re the garden…….! It’s a lot of work digging. Have you seen the no-dig veg gardens

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