I write articles for businesses and content for websites.

I rarely use my blog for business. My blog is a warts and all, diary of life with little editing, but rather a raw, emotional journey plus WW2 recipe recreation during times when life is less overwhelming. Escapism if you like.

Beyond my blog I do work hard (as many of us do!!) and earn a living as a full-time marketing executive AND I do freelance work in my spare time (usually weekends and mostly instead of watching TV or going out anywhere) to pay the extortionate home rental rates here in the South-West (50% of my take home pay is rent but cannot even afford a flat to buy!) I moved to Wiltshire in January 2020 to be close to my parents, into a job that paid me significantly less than my last one up North (but now matches what I used to earn so that is great!) and as the only wage earner in our household, to me it is so important not to rely on one singular form of income. The extra £100 here and there from writing business articles or creating social posts/content keeps my youngest (25 year old) daughter and I with a roof over our heads. Just in case a comment is dropped below about my daughter, there are significant reasons why she is unable to work and a lot of the time I work from home to be her support but as you can understand the full details are private to her xxxxx

ANYWAY, I digress. I just wanted to put this out here that after Christmas, I would like to take on another client or two, I anticipate my rent to rise shortly and like everyone else, the cost of living is impacting. I charge £100 for up to a 1000 word researched and SEO optimised business article.

Stronghold Global are one of most recent businesses I have been working with to create SEO optimised short articles for their website and brochures. You can see some examples below. Please contact me if you are looking for articles or blog content for your business. As long as you’re not an ISO Consultancy (my day job and won’t accept anything that conflicts with this) we are good!

Business Article Writing Examples Here: https://carolynekins.design/portfolio/b2b-articles/

Case Study Writing Examples Here: https://carolynekins.design/portfolio/imsm-iso-consultancy/

My Portfolio Here: https://carolynekins.design/design-portfolio/

Stronghold Global know that adding value to your business should be at the core of everything we do. By leveraging new technology through our international infrastructure, we have developed and applied solutions which reduce costs, increases efficiency, improves sustainability and keeps you safe.”

Thanks so much for your time, C xxxx

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