Caught Covid-19 after nearly 3 years. Here is my video diary.

Thought I’d share some of the symptoms I experienced with the Coronavirus and how Covid-19 ( Omicron ) impacted me as a 56 year old morbidly obese woman. In addition to my 1940s WW2 recipes YouTube channel, I have a channel where I focus on my own personal struggles with obesity.

My name is C. I am a morbidly obese woman, 56 year young and I reduced my weight from around 350 lbs to below 300 lbs 10 years ago and my weight has meandered between 228 lbs and 298 lbs ever since. My goal is to get below 200 lbs in a healthy, sustainable way and stay there forever. My typical pattern is success, failure, dust myself off, get back up again, rinse and repeat but I WILL succeed eventually!

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4 thoughts on “Caught Covid-19 after nearly 3 years. Here is my video diary.

  1. Hello Carolyn, i have suffered with a weight problem since I was 16 when I started working in an office. Lack of exercise and a love of food sent my weight up. And dieting was a waste of time because I was depriving myself of everything I enjoyed eating! So now at 80 I eat a bit less and my weight is gradually going down!

    I was born in 1942 and my memory of meals my mother cooked were rather full of carbs but we all loved dinners. Pies, puddings, dumplings and yorkshire puddings were served regularly. It just isnt easy to eat more veg and leave out the stodge. So may I suggest you eat smaller portions?

    I am not cooking 1940s meals but I am enjoying the enthusiastic meals being made by some people. So keep up the hood work and best wishes for a slimmer you.

    • 100% agree, for me consistency would be what I need to achieve. My portions and calories for my three main meals are spot on and nutritionally really good but I am an emotional eater. On bad days I fill those gaps between meals with food and can’t stop. On good days I eat like a “normal” person. Its so complex xxxxxxxx I’ll get there! xxxxx

  2. Hi Carolyn

    I’m so glad you shared your diary. I’m 58 and I’m getting over covid too after having dodged it for three years. It’s so interesting to compare the experience. My husband got it first and he had the bad shivers and fevers but he recovered quickly and is fine now. I didn’t get those but I did have awful chest pains on the second day. The joint pains have been nasty, and yes, fingers and knees! I’ve slept a lot and been blocked up like having a cold for days. Today is my best day so far but I’ve had a nasty headache that won’t quit. Haven’t tested negative yet, it’s day six.

    I have also put on a lot of weight since menopause, with medications x 2 with the side effects of weight gain. The way you described food, I can totally relate. It gets me down. Even though I eat healthy it seems to be too much. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing that too.

    I hope your daughter recovers well. Anxiety is a cruel condition, I know.

    Thankyou for the 1940s experiment, I always look forward to reading your posts.

    Tracey (Australia)

    • Dear Tracey, I do hope you recover well and yes I think we all can suffer more and with slightly different symptoms. For me the first 5 days was a crushing headache, severe joint and digit pains, shivers and temperature spikes, only a mild cough and everything started with a sore throat. began to feel a little better from day 5 and felt like I was def starting to feel much better from day 7. Regarding the weight, in the first 5 days of Covid I lost 5 lbs as had no appetite and just a raging thirst but after day 7 got my appetite back and put on 12 lbs in just over 2 weeks!!!! It’s crazy! Non-stop snacking.

      Sending all my best to you and your husband, I really hope tomorrow will be a better day, hugs xxxx

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