Lentil Curry – Recipe No. 200

WW2 Recipe No. 200 has been reached! I was hoping to mark the occasion with something more spectacular but with limited time, last nights dinner will have to do! Actually, this was surprisingly delicious.

I’ve just finished work, and made a WW2 Lentil Curry recipe from the Good Fare Recipe Booklet you can find under the ‘files’ tab on here. Since having my gallbladder out 2.5 years ago I seem to have developed a very WINDY BOTTOM after I eat beans, lentils etc so I’m sure this is NOT going to end well and will regret it. The curry tastes really nice, very mild as the recipe only called for 1 tsp of curry powder and as for the rice portion, just two tablespoons, tiny but authentic! C xxxx

Carolyn | Living on WW2 Rations Experiment Group on Facebook

Here is the recipe for this authentic WW2 recipe for anyone who is single or lives in a well ventilated home. It’s worth the wind, honest!

8 thoughts on “Lentil Curry – Recipe No. 200

    • Soak rice in water (over night makes it easy) drain, rinse and bring to a boil – it’s cooked ! Works with lentils, oats, barley, etc. Be careful with beans as not all beans can be cooked this way as they contain toxins which need to be boiled hard for some time to make safe, as example would be kidney beans.

  1. Thanks Carolyn! I will try this tonight ! I didn’t allocate any rice in my ‘rations’ so will have it with a jacket potato. Last night I made Lord Woolton pie again after seeing that you had made it for one of your meals last week. I forget how enjoyable it is ! X

    • You’ll love it! I added a carrot and potatoes to the curry just because I love extra veg and these root vegetables help fill my tummy! It will be lovely with a jacket potato! Xxxx

      • I haven’t got any carrots left after last nights Lord Woolton pie but I do have plenty of potato’s, some green beans and some peas….. I shall bulk it out somehow ! xx

  2. Hi again Carolyn, just a reminder to save energy by not using the oven too much. Get your slow cooker out ! Use the microwave to par cook veg then slow cook, if it needs browning then grill for a short time.

    I know it’s not authentic but it’s easier than a hay box !

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