Mock Black Pudding – Recipe No. 167

Good evening! I am reposting this authentic WW2 recipe for “Mock Black Pudding” that I recreated 5 years ago as I made a video recipe of this dish which I’ve added to the page. It was just as delicious this time around, even more so actually!

C xxx

The 1940's Experiment

I’ve been re-creating wartime recipes on and off for 15 years now but had yet to try this recipe out mostly because I hadn’t any faith in what the finished product would taste like. Surely the simple ingredients couldn’t lend themselves to anything that remotely resembled or tasted like black pudding?

The surprising outcome was a dish that was tasty and looked a little like black pudding from a distance (sliced and browned on the outside) and I wouldn’t be ashamed to serve this up on a plate for breakfast. I ate mine today with some roast kohlrabi (which arrived in my Riverford Organic box this week), carrots and sweetcorn.


Mock Black Pudding unwrapped and sliced, waiting to be fried…

Mock Black Pudding

Stew one cup of porridge oats or oatmeal in one pint of meat or vegetable broth (I used 3/4 of a pint)

Add salt, pepper and…

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