Living on WW2 Rations Experiment – Video Intro

Annnnnddd tomorrow it begins! The “Living on WW2 Rations Experiment” where some of us will be experiencing life living on the MINIMUM UK WW2 rations for a month (or a day, or a week, whatever you fancy!) Rationing amounts often changed but choosing the minimum amount available to people during some months, really will offer an insight into the difficulties families faced making limited food supplies stretch. We can never of course, get anywhere close to what families had to endure but feel it’s important to try and never forget…

My video above is a simple introduction into my own personal WW2 Rations Experiment month but I do hope to recreate several popular recipes throughout the month for my blog and YouTube.

An amazing Facebook Group is evolving since yesterday, such great conversations and information being shared. You can join here!

If you are late to this please feel free to join in or be an observer, whether you want to follow the UK minimum standard ration or one from your own geographical location, it’s all good, it’s all LIVING HISTORY.

And during these times of uncertainty and rising food and fuel costs, learning how to make do with less will not only help our beautiful planet by preserving resources but will help our money stretch further.

Please check my other recent posts where you will find free downloadable PDF’s to help you join in with this experiment. Remember to keep a diary and share your menu’s and your experiences. Would love to hear them!

Good luck everyone!

C xxxx


Living on WW2 Rations Experiment Downloadable

My first weeks ration book menu

My shopping list and how much does my 1st weeks rations cost me?

8 thoughts on “Living on WW2 Rations Experiment – Video Intro

  1. For various (boring to anyone else) reasons I cannot join in but since discovering your blog I have learnt so much, for which I thank you.
    I will be watching out for your future posts. xx

  2. Happy Sunday, Carolyn
    I just watched today’s YouTube episode. No onions?! I have a lot to learn.

  3. Hi Carolyn, would you consider making the Facebook group a private or secret group? I’m not comfortable with work colleagues and others being able to see what I post.

    • Dear Kate, I have created a 24 hour poll in the group and will 100% change to private if there are more votes for private than public. I think its likely the best way to decide democratically – whatever I do some people would prefer the other so I think if we leave it open to vote that seems the most fair way. The poll is featured at the top of the page here

      Hope this sounds OK? Thanks C xxxx

  4. Wishing lots of luck to everyone taking part this month. I am hoping to be able to do the WW2 Rationing Challenge in August … which helpfully starts on a Monday. For now I am building up to the refugee Ration Challenge which starts on Sunday … which is confusing my Facebook and Instagram accounts no end!!

  5. Hi C
    Arolyn, I made Bubble and Sqeak, my leftover potatoes were a bit short so I added the egg while mixing….it was great, very tasty and I showed it off to my adult children, who hadn’t a clue from photo….one suggested it was pizza! Ann lee s

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