An invitation to join a live discussion on Sunday 19th June at 7 pm on YouTube.

Who would be brave enough to join me in a LIVE discussion on YouTube on Sunday 19th June at 7 pm?

I thought it would be amazing to have a live chit-chat about our first week of the “Living on WW2 Rations Experiment” if anyone is up for it? I only can have up to 8 guests at a time appearing on the live stream but I just think it would be wonderful to talk about what we experienced!

If you have a decent internet connection and a webcam and audio you’d be able to do this, and lots of us are not so shy anymore after 2 years of the Pandemic and communicating so much online!

Please let me know if you are interested below, I’ll post this on FACEBOOK too and on the community tab on YOUTUBE.

This will be great fun!!!!

C xxxx

4 thoughts on “An invitation to join a live discussion on Sunday 19th June at 7 pm on YouTube.

  1. I’m afraid I’d be too shy, but if you livestream it on YouTube, I’d definitely be in the chat. If you haven’t done a livestream before, you might want to consider getting one or two moderators. I mod for a number of channels (big and small) and it helps keep things family-friendly and bot free. If I can help at all, just ask.

  2. Carolyn, I love your enthusiasm and I will watch with interest your conclusion. Please remember, there were no fridges, no hoovers, and no washing machines so women were much more energetic doing household chores. I remember lots of lovely starchy puddings, spotted Dick, jam roly poly, and fruit crumbles, with custard, of course! Enjoy your War time meals! Franky

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