June Update to the Pandemic Pantry Cookbook!

Another 8 recipes have been added in June to the FREE downloadable Pandemic Pantry Community Cookbook! You can download or view the latest edition by CLICKING HERE.

Recipes this month have been added from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA & the UK and recipes include Dump Cake, Strawberry Mousse, Coleslaw, Tray Bake Slice, Impossible Quiche, Esquites, Old Fashioned Bread Pudding, and Pasta Salad.

If your recipe has not yet appeared please be assured that it will be added over the coming months.

Thank you so much for the recipes and I will continue to add in several each month and have the newest edition FREE for you to download.

C xxxx

5 thoughts on “June Update to the Pandemic Pantry Cookbook!

  1. Thank you Carolyn, they all look delicious. Hope you are having a blissful break from work and you’re getting out and about in the sunshine. xx

    • Hi June, I’m having a lovely time but can’t get out and about due to some personal issues but still enjoying a lovely break so all is good xxxx Hope you are having a lovely time too xxxx

  2. Hi, Carolyn! Thank you so much for the cookbook update! I’ve been going through them and looking at the Friday Soup, in particular, to start off with, but had a question about a measurement. The recipe just says to use whatever veg you’ve got in abundance and gives several examples, but not how much of those veg to use. Do you have a recommendation? Thanks!

    • Hi Elizabeth, I just read the submitted recipe again and as it is supposed to serve 4 people I would say that at least 1 to 1.5 cups of mixed vegetables per person or more depending on how much you love vegetables!! For me, I’d probably add 2 cups per person but I love eating tons of veg xxxx

  3. Thanks so much! Definitely going to try it out!

    BTW, I just wanted to thank you for starting the 1940s experiment in the first place. I started following because of my interest in history and for research on something I was writing, but I’ve done more cooking from it recently because of my own weight loss journey. Somehow, the re-creating the recipes makes things fun and challenging instead of just plotting another meal plan. Thank you so much for the idea and for having the creativity and the drive to do the blog. The pandemic pantry cookbook is a wonderful plus as well! (And really professionally done, too, might I add — it looks great!)

    All the best to you, and thank you from Texas. 🙂

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