Emergency Dumplings | Pandemic Pantry Series | Recipe No. 2

I tried the emergency dumpling recipe from the FREE Pandemic Pantry Community Cookbook. Thank you to Sara Thompson from the United States for submitting it.

The nice thing is that the recipe really uses whatever you have. We’ve used leftover instant ramen seasoning packets. We’ve made broth with ginger, garlic, and other seasonings. To me, it’s the perfect recipe for emergencies. I originally got this recipe from the www.townsends.us cooking channel. They are a great small company that does a lot of work preserving history..

Sara Thompson

Because the dumplings are made of just plain flour and vegetable broth with no fat or no raising agent such as baking powder (or you could use self-raising flour) the little dumplings were quite dense but this recipe undoubtedly shows that even if you just have a bit of flour you can add energy to your soup or stew and fill a tummy, cheaply and quickly. I added my dumplings to some soup (for breakfast can you believe!)

I made medium sized dumplings and they took around 15 minutes to simmer and cook. The beauty of this emergency recipe is that it is quick, cheap and with the 1 cup of flour I used I was able to make 10 dumplings and all in one cooking pot. If the power is out then things you can cook in one saucepan over a camping stove are very useful!

You can download the recipe for FREE in the Pandemic Pantry Community Cookbook.

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One thought on “Emergency Dumplings | Pandemic Pantry Series | Recipe No. 2

  1. You don’t need fat to make dumplings lighter i texture (plain flour should only be used if also using baking powder) but you can add one of the following which will make them lighter in texture

    Breadcrumbs or crushed savoury crackers soaked in water
    Use self raising flour and sparkling water
    Use self raising flour and souring agent such as lemon, yogurt, etc

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