Bread and Butter Pudding – Recipe No. 144

I have 1/4 loaf of very dry sliced bread, several days past it’s best before date so I think a ‘Bread and Butter Pudding’ is called for! This recipe is from Marguerite Patton’s Victory Cookbook and the recipe calls for 3 eggs which seems rather excessive during rationing so I think I’ll bake it without and use something else from my cupboard perhaps! I love this pudding…. cheap, delicious and comforting.

One thought on “Bread and Butter Pudding – Recipe No. 144

  1. I LOVE bread and butter pudding! I didn’t have it until I was an adult as my mum loathed it, put off perhaps by too much as a child, during rationing?

    I made a date cake from my wartime recipe book this week and on my, it is soo good. I will definitely make it again.

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