EcoEgg Review: I’m going to save £57.39 per year.

ecoegg review

In my new drive towards getting my financial life in order in 2018, I’m looking at as many ways as possible to make changes that will save me money and maybe even improve my mindfulness towards our environment by taking more responsibility.

I’d been reading about the EcoEgg. I read several articles and watched several videos on the product. I found it intriguing and decided that I was willing to use £9.99 of Christmas money that had been gifted to me, to buy an EcoEgg and try it out. At worst I would lose £9.99 if it was absolutely rubbish and at best I’d save quite a lot of money throughout the year and not continue to send 4200 gallons of water with laundry detergent in it out into our environment. It was worth a shot..

How much money would it save?

I worked out what financial savings the EcoEgg could give me based on my own usage and how much I spend on detergent and softener. Based on using the washing machine as a family 4 times a week (210 ish times a year) here is what I found

Tesco Non-Bio Capsules – 1 capsule = 1 wash = 15p x 210 = £31.50

Tesco softener– 1 bottle per month at £2.99 (yep I used way too much) = £35.88


Replacing detergent and softener with a 210 wash (£9.99 EcoEgg) will save £57.39 per year!!


The egg arrived today. I was excited. I’m not sure why, does that make me sad?

It came in a cardboard box, no thick plastic sealed covering. The egg itself is a type of plastic and also inside the box were 5 small plastic bags of mineral balls (that slowly dissolve over time) and 1 small bag of agitator balls (which won’t dissolve)

EcoEgg states on the back of it’s packaging that it

  • Lasts for 210 washes (the £9.99 size)
  • Replaces detergent
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Colours stay bright
  • Easy to use.

Setting up the egg for use involved pouring three packages of the mineral balls into the larger part of the egg plus the packet of ceramic agitator balls. I then twisted the egg and locked it into position and placed the egg on top of the washing in the drum. It does recommend that for best results to not over fill the machine ( so that the egg reaches the water and can move around freely.)

The EcoEgg does thump around a bit in the machine when the drum is turning slowly. When it speeds up I didn’t notice any difference. The egg is quite light so will not do any damage.

After the wash had finished I removed the egg and set it on top of the machine. I then used the tumble drier.

When the clothes were dry I inspected them. The clothes looked as clean as they normally do. I didn’t notice any difference either way. I did however notice that the clothes felt nice and soft which I wasn’t really expecting as I hadn’t used conditioner like I normally do! The one difference was the smell. The clothes smelled clean with the tiniest hint of fragrance, hardly noticeable. Previously I was always using a lot of highly perfumed conditioner so the contrast was very noticeable. I am happy to do without the highly perfumed pong knowing that I am saving money and probably being a bit kinder to the environment in the process!

I will definitely continue to use the EcoEgg everytime I do the laundry and so far I am very happy with my purchase. I’ll let you know how I get on!

C xxxxxxx

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I do have an affiliate link code in the link to this product. This means I will get a very small percentage if purchased. I will only ever include an affiliate link in anything I personally use or like. C xxx

13 thoughts on “EcoEgg Review: I’m going to save £57.39 per year.

  1. Evening, I’m probably being totally dim here, but do you buy just refill mineral bead thingies when you run out? My mission this year is to cut my use of plastics, so I wouldn’t want to use it just the 200 odd times.

  2. I almost bought one of these today until I began to read reviews, egg braking open after a few uses, clothes not coming clean, washing smelling musty, armpits still sweaty, still stained even on a hot wash, …. in the end I decided against it

    • I read some of those reviews too but taking into consideration the thousand or so positive reviews I decided to take a chance and find out for myself….. so far so good but I have yet to try very badly stained or very stinky stuff!! LOL! xx

      • Don’t know about the UK, but in New England I line dry outside in the summer, inside in the Winter and use the drying clothes as a free humidifier. Having the heat on makes it so dry inside. They actually dry faster it seems inside with the heat on than they do outside sometimes! If I hang them up before I go to bed, they’re dry by the morning.

        It may be too damp in the UK for this to work well, though. But I’ve also done it in Germany and Finland with success.

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    • yes I read a lot about these type of products in the early days. I’m a great believer in trying things out before making a judgement and I use my EcoEgg about 5 times a week and am very happy with it. This particular product won the Queens Award for Innovation in 2016 so feel that this particular product has come a long way since the lofty claims of early similar products. My son also warned me off this products having similarly Googled the product… I came across a lot of negative and positive stuff too. Taking everything into consideration I thought it worth the risk to thoroughly try it out and its seems to do the job! I do take a good sniff of areas on clothing that would normally contain odours and so far odour free xxx

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