A very well know supermarket visited….

profilephoto1940An exciting weekend…

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning up my rather messy kitchen and baking some 1940’s dishes as a VERY well known supermarket were sending a photographer over on Sunday (today!).

I’ll tell you more when I know more because quite frankly, although the photographer was lovely and talented (see his Instagram here) I think he had his work cut out with this chubby silver haired vintage foodie. My dress barely fit, my wrap around pinny wouldn’t wrap around (my boobs have seemed to have grown immensely overnight and has scared the life out of me!) and my Victory Rolls looked more like something worn by ‘A Flock of Seagulls’. I am about 80% convinced right now that they will decide not to run the article when they see my photos…

Whatever happens, it was good spending all weekend cooking and giving the kitchen a pre Christmas scrub and Jess and I enjoyed a chit-chat with the photographer who was very kind.

Right now I am absolutely shattered. I’ve gobbled down 1/2 a Lord Woolton Pie and two blackberry mince pies and am going to have an afternoon snooze on the sofa.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

C xxxx



3 thoughts on “A very well know supermarket visited….

  1. If his pictures are as lovely as the ones you’ve shared here, I see no reason for him not to run with them. Such a beautiful home you have and that pie makes me jealous. I can’t make pretty pies.


  2. Thanks Sara and Paula…my kitchen is really small, a galley, I rent my house so can’t really do to much with it so just make the best of it I can. One day, when I can afford to buy somewhere I’d like a large kitchen and a garden to grow a victory garden in. That’s the dream. 🙂 xxxxx

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