The Blitz Wartime Tea Room – Hebden Bridge


Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh MY!

Today was a GREAT day! We booked an afternoon tea at ‘The Blitz Tea Room’ in Hebden Bridge and it turned out to be an utterly delightful experience with fantastically tasty food!

Hebden Bridge itself is gorgeous. It’s a small town, very picturesque with a canal running through. The town is brimming with small, independent shops and tea rooms and a lovely little market.

The Blitz Tea Room is situated right off the small market square and is BRIMMING with wartime memorabilia and authentic items from the 1940’s. Just popping in for a pot of tea is an absolute MUST just to sit and stare and wander around. BUT we love to eat so we had booked in for ‘afternoon tea for two’ (for vegetarians). The cost £27…

To date this was a little bit more money than we had paid anywhere else for afternoon tea but we weren’t disappointed and it was WELL WORTH IT!


Our three tiered china sandwich/stand arrived. The bottom tier was CRAMMED with 12 triangle cut sandwiches with three different flavours which included three variations of filling which included egg, cheese and salad. A separate dish was brought out with delicious pickled red cabbage, pickled onions and coleslaw.

And then there was tier 2 which gave us a slice of quiche, a slice of cheese and potato pie and mushroom pate with toast.

The top tier was delicious chocolate cake and lemon butterfly cakes, all served with a hot pot of tea with the obligatory vintage china.

The food was filling and delicious, the staff were chatty and delightful, there was wartime music playing and we even had quite the conversation about IZAL toilet paper with fellow diners.

It got really busy at about 1:30 pm and all tables were full, downstairs and upstairs so we’d recommend that you book a table the day before or early on in the day.

For us this was a homely, unpretentious, orally and visually satisfying experience.

We’ll Meet Again….











The Blitz tea Room has a sense of humour, this was hung in the bathroom!

9 thoughts on “The Blitz Wartime Tea Room – Hebden Bridge

  1. I’m sure you’ll probably have researched this somewhere in your comprehensive blog, I’m just wondering how that spread compared with what was available for afternoon tea under rationing in the likes of Lyons and ABC’s?

  2. It looks like a great time, and I absolutely love all your photos! Merry Christmas from Montreal, Canada! My grandparents on my father’s side were born in Kent. 🙂

  3. What a cool place. I wish I could do something like that here in the states. I live in a cool old little town, but that dream will have to wait until my kids are off to college. I’m so inspired by your pictures! WOW!

  4. wow, it looks amazing and well worth the money. It sounds like a bit of a feast 🙂 Lovely that you included so many photo’s 🙂

  5. Is it true that you are closing!!!! Oh NO. I was so looking forward to coming to see you in June.. I did look in briefly in 2013 and it was amazing . This time i want to eat there and take more photo. Get the real experience, I wish I could be there be fore you close. What you made was an amazing thing. I wish you could stay open.longer. Yours Tina Philpot NZ All the best. X

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