7 Day Food Diary – Day 2

My breakfast and lunch today

It’s not been a bad day food wise, I think I have eaten more than I needed really but I am still not liking to feel hungry. As a big person it’s something you have to learn to adapt to again that it’s OK to feel hungry!! But for now I’m coping the best way that works for me. Slowly I’ll wean quantities down in my own good time.

Same as last night, today’s exercise will be a 30 minute session in my bedroom with my 20 lb kettle-bell and tomorrow I will be back at the gym for walking and some cross-training.

Thanks for the comments and messages. I will try and catch up when I retire to bed tonight in about 30 minutes. Feeling tired. Been on the go since 5 am!

Love and hugs C xxxx


Weigh-In: 272.6 lbs (- 2oz)

Breakfast: 50 dry grams of porridge oats made with 200 ml of soy milk and handful of blueberries (300 cals – 12 g protein)
Lunch: Very large mixed leaf salad with spring onions, basil, raw mushrooms, raw broccoli, tomatoes and kidney beans (400 cals – 20 g protein)
Snacks: 2 small apples, 2 small plums and a peach and some mints (325 cals – protein 3 g)
Dinner: Medium potato with knob of margarine, couple spoonfuls of garden peas and a meaty gravy made with 1/4 lb of Quorn meat substitute mince, (I’ve taken my weekly meat ration as 1/2 lb of meat substitute mince and also Quorn bacon rashers) some mushrooms, an onion and some small mixed tomatoes and a little bisto (550 cals – 30 g of protein)

TOTAL CALORIES 1575 ish – Protein 65 g ish

My dinner- gobbled down at 8pm after a busy day as always

6 thoughts on “7 Day Food Diary – Day 2

  1. Carolyn, I have to say, you’re an inspiration. You always get back on the horse, so to speak, and make a solid go of it. You’re mindful, and that shows.

    Thank you for posting your journey, because it’s truly magnificent.

    P.S. The meaty gravy looks delicious.

    • Would never succeed if I didn’t try again Sara! I could look back at my blog and say, well I’m a failure, and I’m sure there are people thinking what the hell, here we go again, a broken record. BUT for any person with a weight problem, especially starting off a super big (350 lbs at my heaviest), your going to lose and gain and hopefully each and every time that happens one learns a little bit more so eventually, one glorious day, after years and years of triumphs and disasters, of feeling guilty and feeling exhilarated, of just feeling damn human, ONE day, will once again be a healthy weight and I will have battled against my brain and body and be able to be strong enough to keep it off.

      Last night there was a jar of Nutella in the house, at stupid ‘o’ clock I sneaked two large spoonfuls into my mouth. WHY? I’m human…

      Feeling guilty? Hell yes!!

      Why did I do it? Haven’t a clue!!

      But today I’m up and looking forward to another battle.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, appreciate that so much

      C xxxxx

  2. Why do you feel you need to eat less? Anything less would be considered a starvation diet, especially considering the amount of exercise you are doing. And the bigger you are, the more calories your body needs just for basic functioning. Having your calories too low will result in fatigue, and for women there is a danger of decreased thyroid function. It is counter-productive to be hungry all the time; you are so much more likely to fall into a binge. You are doing well, don’t shoot yourself in the foot!

    • Thanks Angela, I know you are right, I still binge occasionally but that’s life, it’s limiting the damage and moving forward again straight away. Am eating lots of hopefully good food and I do like to feel full. Thanks for your comment, appreciate the reassurance xxxx C

  3. Carolyn, I’m no where near your weight, people say to me, oh you’re not that big. But like you, I’m human, I keep failing at getting to where I want to be. But it isn’t going to stop me trying because at some point I will succeed. And all the failure of the past will dissapear and I’ll know that I did it because I could, without any intervention from anyone else. I am at a very low piont in life right now and to see you back here is actually very therapeutic for me. Please be strong. There is a reason this is happening in your life right now. Pardon the pun, but, luv your guts right now Carolyn.

    • I hope your low doesn’t stay that way for too long but you are sooo right, we are HUMAN and we have emotions and we react to those emotions (or cope with those emotions) in a way that works for us. Some of us use food.

      I think you are incredibly strong to keep trying and recognise the temporary failings but still be willing to keep going and be single minded enough to stick to your guns despite well meaning comments.

      It’s lovely to get your message and not feel alone in these types of feeling.

      Take care xxxxx

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