7 Day Food Diary – Day 1



Weigh-In: 272.8 lbs

Breakfast: 1/2 can baked beans on 1 slice of toast. (300 cals)
Lunch: Leftover bean stew from yesterday. (300 cals)
Snacks: Fruit and pretzels( grabbed and ate pretzels graze box at work without thinking!) (350 cals)
Dinner: Plate of organic mixed leaf salad, herbs and flowers and two slices of bread with margarine. Plus chutney. (350 cals)
Handful of raw nuts. (100 cals)


salad2My lovely plate of fresh mixed salad, herbs and flowers!

vegboxMy organic box of local vegetables, salad and fruit came today while I was at work!

I have to give a shout-out to the farm that provided me with my very first organic box here in Nottingham. I bought a veg/fruit/salad organic family box from TRINITY FARM (click here) and I am VERY pleased with what arrived for £20 (inc delivery)

  • Large bag of mixed salad leaves, a few sprigs of basil and parsley and edible flowers
    3 onions
    Marrow (or it maybe an over grown courgette)
    2 small cucumbers
    6 small apples
    12 mixed small tomatoes
    Bag of beans
    Bag of what looks like chard.
    Bag of celery
    Bunch of beetroot (good size)
    Several potatoes
    Bag of ripe plums
    Bunch of spring onions

All fresh and organic and was all growing in the ground yesterday including delivery for £20. Am happy and impressed!

C xxx



7 thoughts on “7 Day Food Diary – Day 1

  1. Hi Caroline, pleased you are back on the horse so to speak. The diet plan you have listed is very low in Protein and very high in carbs. I hope you are making sure you are getting the right amount of each in your diet. Wishing you every success.


    • Yes overall, by the end of the week, it will be balanced. Don’t worry 🙂 Compared with what I would normally eat when piling on the weight this will be fine xx


  2. You are an encouragement to me. Keep up the good work.

    Question about vegetables. I’m in the US and can’t quite figure out what a “Marrow (or it maybe an over grown courgette)” is. I think it might be what we call zucchini squash, but am not sure. It’s dark green cylinder shaped.

    I have figured out that beet root is what we call beets or red beets over here.

    Such fun reading your blog. I too am a big fan of all things WWII. Not the fighting and killing, but the clothes, food, and times.

    thanks again.


    • Hi Nora – a marrow is pretty much an over grown courgette in my humble opinion. Thanks for your kind comments! I try and read every night but sometimes life gets really hectic and I don’t always get to reply… am like you too! Just love the domestic part on the home-front of WW2. I think it just amazes me what people had to endure and how well they did through those terrible times xxx


  3. Fabulous foods at this time of year – I love the courgettes/marrows, peppers/capsicums, sweet corn, tomatoes, as well as all the summer vegetables and saladings – and fruit! One really feels one is building up health for the winter to come.


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