4 weeks to go!

I’ve pretty much been doing no walking or gym for a week due to my painful foot (plantar fasciitis) and flare up of allergies (which have been coming and going for the past 5 weeks or so) BUT everything finally seemed a lot calmer today so of course I jumped right back in with a 1.5 mile brisk walk (16 minute mile) to the chemists to pick up my steroids for the allergy and then tonight did an intense 3 km walk at 2% incline for 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. Will see how my foot feels tomorrow! No weight loss this past week so its good to be exercising again!

This week I’m setting myself a goal of losing 5 lbs so will weigh in tomorrow morning and again in 7 days! I need to get a good chunk of weight off before walking 26.2 miles!

4 weeks to the marathon!

C xxx

PS. Thank you Chris and Anonymous for the donations to Cancer Research UK to our Just Giving Marathon Page. That is very kind of you and a good cause.

PPS. Holly posted some information to my Facebook page about a series of filmed messages taken during the war called ‘Calling Blighty’ so I thought I’d share a couple of them on YouTube. How accents have changed!

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  1. Hi, first off I love your blog! Even my kids want to get into rationing from shows we’ve watched. One question I can not find the answer too is what would the budget for the average housewife be? I would like to know how much of the ‘unlimited’ veggies and fruits and flour I could have realistically bought at the time…thanks!

    • Talking to people it could be quite restrictive but I have chosen to eat like I lived in the countryside and had a productive fruit and veg garden 🙂 Food that was was on your weekly rations was GUARANTEED to be available to everyone… it was the stuff that was NOT on ration that could be hard to get hold of but am not depriving myself too much. I think this is more like me TRYING to use the rationing as a basis for a healthier way to eat and by using the wartime recommendation of filling plates up with vegetables to fill my tummy up xxxx

      • Thanks Carolyn! Tomorrow when we go to the farmers market I guess we will just keep getting our normal amount of veggies. I’m actually worried about gaining weight onn wartime rations just because I eat so differently now (high in meats and low in grains). I guess I will see what rations bring to me. For me it’s more of an experience in living history as I love the late 40s to early 50s era! Love all the recipes and can’t wait to start living them!

  2. Hi Carolyn, great to see you back into it, I’ve missed seeing what you are up to. As for your plantar issues, I have the same problem but have to run as part of my job…so. Have you tried the following: I take a small water bottle (plastic type with the hour glass shape to it) fill it up to about an inch from top and freeze it. When I have finished exercise or been on my feet a long time I then sit down for 10 minutes and gently roll my bare foot back and forth on the bottle on the floor, then some gentle stretching of my foot. This seems to help keep the worst of the pains at bay.

    It is spring here in Australia, and so I’m fascinated by your latest move into fresh produce of the day. I have established a veg garden for three years now. Slightly larger than a wartime plot. Hoping to get some good results this year. We’re expecting a long warm summer.

    Keep it up!

  3. Those filmed messages are so infinitely poignant, aren’t they.
    My father was in Italy during 1944 and I find it very touching to see film from that time and place.
    Also, it’s refreshing to hear authentic accents, rather than those from mass media “as seen on tv”.
    (I must say, I’m reminded of the Dad’s Army episode “Broadcast To The Empire/Ten Seconds From Now”)
    Best wishes xx

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