Jane’s cabbage is a wet, soggy mess!

Sally is probably only 10 years old but she looks and sounds like she is 42.

Sally is a good girl. She knows how to cook her half of the cabbage. She shreds it and brings just a little bit of water to the boil, adds the cabbage and a sprinkle of salt and saves the cabbage water in a china tea cup to make gravy. Janes cabbage is however a wet, soggy mess.. and she is a murderer because “she drowned her cabbage in water…”

And look how good the girls are fussing over the boys who are doing nothing but sitting on their lazy arses looking disapprovingly at Janes soggy cabbage.

It’s OK, they fight over Sally’s cabbage because it’s MUCH tastier..

Oh look! Here comes grandma… she awards the boys horrid behaviour by giving them the cabbage off her plate.

Everyone is happy..


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6 thoughts on “Jane’s cabbage is a wet, soggy mess!

  1. Hahahaha! I just started eating cabbage and brussel sprouts and so far I only really like it sauteed with olive oil, a pinch of butter and cayenne pepper, then lemon juice sprinkled at the end. Interestingly enough (well interesting for a Yank), I learned it from my English friend 😉 Would those ingredients work in your War Ration recipes?

  2. The children credited as “themselves.” Ah, 1940s credits! 🙂

    Was it common practice to allow children to cook with open flames without any supervision? Sally seems to know her way around a kitchen ok, but Jane is obviously inexperienced. Why wasn’t Grandma in there keeping an eye on things?

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  4. Isn´t it interesting how the dark haired girls are always less good and blond is angelic?

    Not just in film and comic where the evil guys are darker and the heroes are light…no same in real life when I think back what my brown haired mother and her blonde haired sister encountered as kids.

    The irony is that my mom treated me the same way as she had been treated by her mom and my brother was blond, like her sister was and he was treated as if he was an angel and could never do wrong.

    She always told me how unfair it was, how unfair she was treated by her mother and she didn´t make the connections to how she treated me and my brother..oh the irony.

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