Bean & Vegetable Sheperds Pie – Recipe No 127



This was REALLY, REALLY scrummy. Easy to make too and enough to serve 4 people or 3 large servings… errrr OK I ate it ALL yesterday. I HAVE to try and reduce my portion size..

Bean and Vegetable Shepherds Pie

  • 1 tin baked beans
  • Mashed potatoes (I used some leftover swede in mine too)
  • ½lb. cooked vegetables (I used leek, onion, marrow, peas, carrot and parsnip)
  • ½oz. margarine
  • Thick Bisto gravy made with well seasoned vegetable stock (about a cup)

Mix cooked vegetables with beans and gravy. Place in baking dish and cover with a layer of well seasoned mashed potatoes. Put dabs of margarine on top and bake in a moderate oven to brown the potatoes (about 35 minutes).

15 thoughts on “Bean & Vegetable Sheperds Pie – Recipe No 127

  1. Hi Carolyn, on Coronation Street, many moons ago, a character used to brush marg/butter onto things as they said that less was used. I wondered if brushing instead of dabbing may use less of the ration?? Just a thought, can not wait to try this recipe.

    • What I actually did was mix the fat in with the potato and it was fine but I think brushing with the melted fat on top is a great idea!!!

  2. This looks absolutely heavenly Carolyn, a definite MUST TRY for me tonight!
    Portion control was always my problem. A friend gave me an idea about only eating what fits into one hand when cupping it.
    I decided to give it a go, but of course it means you must eat more often, 5 or 6 times a day instead.
    Well, it has worked, I have now lost just over 17 pounds in 5 weeks. Yes I am exercising, but only walking / cycling not having to run myself ragged.

    • Wow!!! You are doing so well!!!! As I’ve said before it seems to me making sure that one eats lots of plant based foods (and staying away from processed foods) and taking a bit of exercise is all that is needed.

      My foot is slowly healing so I’m going to up my exercise this week… more walking

      C xxx

  3. I decided to make this today; I mean WE because hubby helped. I was making butternut squash soup so cooked some squash with some frozen mixed veg, mixed it with the beans and gravy and added a tablespoon of chutney for a bit of vavavoom. The mash was swede, carrot and potato and I think it needed a bit more pepper than we put in. It was lovely but I felt it needed just a bit more oomph so I might try a dollop of HP sauce in the filling or maybe worcestershire sauce. Anyway, it was lovely, filling and frugal so thank you for posting the recipe.

    • Yes never skimp on the seasoning and I think I would have added some chilli if I hadn’t been recreating a wartime recipe 🙂 It was very nice with lots of salt and pepper xxxx

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    I have found your blog and fell in love with the idea of living on war time rations, both for the weight control and the overall economy, (I will be able to look at more vintage 1940s clothing on ebay now, without feeling guilty because my food bill is down to less than a third of what I used to spend on pre packaged…junk food.
    Do you have any tips on how I can keep my rations separate from my husband (he is not quite ready to start rationing himself). I find myself cooking two different meals instead of one that we can share. I then find it difficult keeping track of what I have consumed, and by the end of the week I am dipping into the big margarine, butter, etc. container, to make up for what he has eaten from my ration, and it’s very easy to over compensate myself!

    • Hi there- thank you for leaving a message!

      It’s easy!! Big plastic containers for the cupboard and the fridge (from the pound shop or dollar store) that you can put your name on and the words “Keep Out” !!! I started with my own cupboard in the kitchen with a sign on (1940s Experiment- Keep Out) but I find that in addition, keeping things in containers focuses the mind more on what you are consuming. Wrap up your rations in the fridge and place them in a big sealable container and also mark your own container of milk measured out. Once you’ve done it for a few weeks it becomes second nature and set a day where you replenish rations.

      I actually use a real ration book 🙂 I don’t use it how it would have been used however I cross off each week so I keep track.. and also its fun and makes it feel more real somehow.

      Lots of love

      C xxxx

  5. Is this recipe to use baked beans WITH the tomato juice in it, or to strain the beans out of the juice? Really interested in trying this out!

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and absolutely love the idea of keeping to the 1940s recipes and methods – so much so that I started a ‘1940s experiment’ of my own with my family in an attempt to improve our overall health AND balance our budget! While my husband and teenage kids were a bit skeptical at first, we have managed to greatly reduce our weekly grocery bill AND we have all benefited from a better balanced and wholesome diet – I’ve lost 7lbs and my husband has lost 10lbs in just 4 weeks, without going hungry! We have so much more energy and both feel amazing!! Everyone in the house is starting to get into the spirit of the thing – the kids have even started making some of the recipes!
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration and keep up the great work!!

  7. OMG this is amazing!!!!!! At the end of the day it’s pretty simple isn’t it… eat less fats/sugars and convenience foods, eat more vegetables and do more exercise, keep busy!

    The biggest thing for me is staying away from the temptation of convenience foods but like you, feel so much better for doing so..

    Well done!! That really is amazing

    Please let us know how you carry on!!!

    C xxxxx

  8. PS I ate crisps yesterday. S|topping that right now… I hate junk food with a passion even though I do like the taste of it quite often

    • The combination of a bag of Walkers Ready Salted and a Twirl is my worst guilty pleasure…. and I must confess that since I started the ‘experiment’ at home (nearly 5 weeks ago now) I’ve had it twice… I loathe junk food – as it makes me feel awful about myself. But tomorrow is another day and we have another chance to replace the junk with something healthier for us.
      We can do this! I know we can! 🙂

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