Weekly weigh in – 10 Sept 2013



Despite often eating two platefuls at dinner time of the main meals I prepared this week, and despite enjoying lots of cake (all within my allocated rations of course- how I choose to use my rations is my choice), my weight loss has been very good. 9 lbs in 2 weeks..

Highest weight 345 lbs (24 stone 9 lbs)

Weight 2 weeks ago 279 lb (19 st 13 lbs)

Today 270 lb (19 st 4 lbs)


This is just what I needed to see to give me encouragement and now I will stride forth and get the job done. Today I’ll do some walking and gardening on the exercise front as I’m sure keeping active is an essential part of becoming healthier and walking was a key component of all the weight I lost (80 lbs) when I spent a year on wartime rations.

I’ve started back on rationing two weeks ago so will once again keep as true as I can to this for another year. It’s such a little sacrifice to make in the bigger scheme of things..

This morning I was up bright and early making a stew out of all the leftover veggies in the fridge and I’ve had three bowlfuls for breakfast. All my fat and sugar has been used up this week as I baked quite a bit so when I get my weekly rations again tomorrow I think I’m going to have a lean week and save my supplies and then cook something special in a week or two.

More recipes coming to the blog later (Pulse Savoury, Eggless Victoria Sponge and Bean and Vegetable Sheperd’s Pie)

C xxxx


14 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in – 10 Sept 2013

  1. Well done! I find this really encouraging- this is my second week back on rations properly too and I feel like I’m cheating somehow because I’m not very hungry!
    I was especially proud of myself for saving my last little bit of butter for bread & jam supper last night 😉
    It’s winter here, so I’m eating lots of root veges and soup.
    Not weighing myself to avoid becoming obsessed but I can see a difference.


    • Same here- I resisted for 2 weeks but felt I needed too because I had eaten an awful lot and was actually worried my weight was increasing. Look forward to hearing your updates!!! C xxx


  2. Brilliant. Big pat on the back. Once you take the lid off your mind to quote Oprah it is amazing what can be achieved and you are proving that big time. Just proves the fantastic things those wartime women did. Not only did they fill tummies, they filled them with tasty nutritious food.


    • Thanks Joss!! Yesterday I felt so guilty… made a huge pot of stew out of veggies that needed using up and I bunged in some dried lentils and cooked them all up together. Well I ate about 8 large bowlfuls throughout the day until it was all gone. Then I sat down later to some Marmite on toast and my daughter and I got talking and I said I had eaten so much today but then I worked out the whole pot of stew was 1000 cals, the marmite on toast was about 300-400 and the cake I had later was about 400-500 (I had two small slices) so in the end it was under 2000. And weirdly as the average daily calorie intake to maintain a healthy body weight for a woman is “1940”, with my body mass, I’ll have ended up using more energy up yesterday than I consumed so hey- I’m happy 🙂 xxxxx


  3. Well done on your weight loss. I’ve lost over 3 1/2 stone over the last year following the Slimming World regime which concentrates on healthy eating rather than counting points, calories etc. There are some restrictions of course on items such as cheese, bread etc, but the lists of ‘free’ foods are so long and you can eat as much as you like throughout the day. Looking at some of your meals the principles are very similar, eg some of your food is restricted by how much was available on rations. So, well done again, 9lbs is a fantastic loss in 2 weeks.


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