Sunday food diary



I’ve had a busy day again.

Never ending laundry, a bit of a spruce up in the house,  the twice weekly grocery shop, racked off my home brewed wine into a clean demi-john, harvested a big plastic bag of elderberries, removed them from their stalks and froze them, picked some apples from the garden, helped my youngest Hobbit Em, prepare the hutch for her new pet bunny, and now I’ve just sat down (and I’m drinking a pint of home brewed stout) after syphoning off and bottling 40 pints of brown ale into various bottles. I think all my stout and ale is now done for Christmas 🙂


Food wise I started off with a nice yummy breakfast of sauted veggies on toast and a pot of tea.

Lunch was cucumber sandwiches


Mid-afternoon it was tea and cake and tonight, well I’m absolutely worn out and don’t feel like cooking as it’s 8:30 pm so for me it is just a couple of sandwiches with my beer (tomato sandwiches this time)

Tomorrow I’ll cook a nice big meal…

Night night xxxx




3 thoughts on “Sunday food diary

  1. Lovely productive day!
    I’m just about to try cider making using my apples from my garden as so many just rot every year. My Bramley tree is great for cooking but the eaters just sit there 😦
    I did smile when I saw your lunch – quintessentially British! Xx


  2. I came home with 2lb each of blackberries and elderberries the other day. I used up my month’s preserve sugar ration turning the blackberries into jam and so today I made elderberry chutney – I hope it tastes as good as it looks!


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