It’s 1:00 am and I’m baking cake

IMG_1447          Spic and span – I aim to keep it that way

I went into a downward spiral yesterday, felt sad and tired thinking about recent events, so I slept… a LOT.

Today I feel great! I woke up about 8 (after having slept 12 hours) and dusted, tidied and scrubbed the house, did a couple loads of laundry and with much glee opened up in haste the big box the courier arrived with marked ‘fragile’. It was my vintage mis-matched trio sets….something to serve tea and cake on at my 1940s Supper Club (coming soon). The little tea cups are so dainty, so fancy, so clinky (you know that sound when you place the tea cup back on the saucer)..


And then at midnight, when I should have been going to bed but just wasn’t tired, I wanted to christen my new cups and plates and what better way than with cake. I used the last of my sugar and most of what was left of my fat rations to make an eggless sponge which I sandwiched with a mock cream and homemade jam…. no more desserts or baking now until Tuesday.

So here I am at 1 am, drinking tea in a cute little 1940s tea cup, enjoying a slice of sweet eggless sponge (that didn’t rise very well but I will still eat and enjoy) and I’m feeling rather happy

It’s been a good day

C xxxxxxx






22 thoughts on “It’s 1:00 am and I’m baking cake

  1. what a lovely kitchen and the crockery and cake looks gorgeous. There is a lot of chat about the shape of wine glasses altering the taste of wine so made what you eat off makes a difference too. I used the eggless cake mixture with my grandson on Tuesday but stirred in blueberries and made into fairy cakes. They went down a storm so we are going to experiment with blackberries next.

    • Thanks and ooooo that sounds lovely. I once made eggless cupcakes that had a few whole blackberries in the middle and OMG they were wonderful so I bet the blueberries are divine!

    • The kitchen here is lovely.. I am hoping that I can secure a job and sign up on another tenancy agreement end of November. I love this house a lot 🙂 xxxxx

  2. Good for you Carolyn, I love your positive mind set and not letting “the black dog” (Churchill’s description of depression)get the better of you….xx Ps the china was a fantastic bargain you have some really nice pieces there…I think im going to use one of mine now for my herb tea…be much nicer than the usual mug xxx…keep smiling sweetie…your getting there!

    • It’s thanks to you I got the china!!! 🙂 Oh and they are so pretty. Somehow tea tastes so much better in one!! C xxxx

  3. Sending you hugs from down here by the sea. The green stripe cup is just like my grandma’s! This time of year we were sent off blackberrying to help with the larder. Mum made lovely jam and blackberry and apple pies with them. I love this time of year, don’t you? Is the Nottingham Goose Fair soon? Take care x

    • Hugs back!! Yes it is my favourite time of year- the evenings and nights are beginning to get a little cold 🙂 And there is berries and apples still to be picked! We will try and go down to Goose Fair.. I’ve heard its good xxxx

  4. Not sure how to do this but… do you know about Eden camp, fab place to visit and good website, all about ww2 and home front, it’s in the Northeast; cheap to get in and a wealth of info, displays, canteen and picnic areas, good shop and even a theatre which puts on wartime entertainment; well worth a visit

    • Dear Sylvia- this is the weirdest thing because just a few days ago, a Facebook friend posted me a link to it… I’d never even heard of it but when I saw the video and the website I know I am going to have top take myself off on the train with sandwiches and a flask of tea and spend the day there!!! It looks AMAZING!!

      I will do a promo post about it soon to spread the word!!

      C xxxxx

      PS Thank you for posting your messages 🙂

  5. Your cup and saucer sets are wonderful. And your kitchen…gorgeous.

    I’ve just been taking another look around your site and noticed your list of WW2 dvds. There’s another one you might be interested in called Coal House at War. It was made just a few years back by BBC Wales and its set in a Welsh mining village where 3 modern day families went to live as it would have been during WW2, in tiny cottages with the men working at a local mine, some of the women in a munitions factory and the others at home looking after children. What I particularly love about this series is that the setting is very much working class at a poverty level and the families all have several children of various ages squeezed into these minute cottages and some take in lodgers and evacuees as well…plus there are 4 Bevin boys who move into another cottage. It also shows the children in school, the pub, the men doing Dad’s Army stuff, the butcher and greengrocer doing their rounds, the shop etc. etc. If you you are interested in an earlier period there’s also the original Coal House series set during the 1920s depression. The BBC website is here – and you can get the dvd from amazon here –

    • Dear Helen… I found The Coal House at war about a month or so ago and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!! Like you said it was very real because it was working families with different aged children too. It really looked like a hard life. I’d love to have this DVD in my collection- I watched it on YouTube

      I never saw the original coal house though so must watch that!!

      I need to update my DVD pages and add some more from YouTube in as some of these series are wonderful


  6. I also just remembered the series Wartime Kitchen and Garden. Unfortunately this has never been made available on dvd but most of the episodes are on YouTube and there was a book out that you can probably get quite cheaply second hand.

  7. Carolyn, have you ever heard of a drama series made many years ago called “Family At War”? I just know You would love it.

  8. I love the look of that cake. Without the egg it looks substantial and filling, and much better comfort food than an airy fairy cake. I hope you can keep your house as it looks gorgeous. Keep on keeping on.

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