Monday’s food diary



I’m sure you don’t all want to see yet another photo of porridge and an ‘Oslo Meal’  so today I’m just sharing my main meal which was a delicious ‘Leek and Lentil Pie’ followed by tinned peaches with some good old-fashioned custard over the top.

I’ve been a naughty girl and had two plates of pie and I’m trying very hard not to go back for more peaches and custard!

I do love my food.. it pleasures my mouth immensely!

Time for a big pot of tea and feet up on the sofa.

Night night

C xxx


3 thoughts on “Monday’s food diary

  1. Teehee we have just finished off a tin of peaches to round off another lentil leftovers curry!…its that wartime diet thing again!!….is the recipe for your lentil & leek pie already on your site? looks really good!…sleep tight x


  2. oh silly me …I can see its recipe 122 and you have the link there already…just like a veggie shepherds pie then…deffo be on my menu soon…or something very know what i’m like for recipe tweaking and chucking wine about!


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