FREE Wartime recipe book archive


Thank you to my Facebook friend Kayleen, who tagged me in a post this morning as she had found a volume of wartime recipe books in a Manchester Photographic Archive on Flickr. This is exciting! I can almost smell the pages!

A volume of recipes dating to World War Two. The folder contains manuscript, typescript, and printed recipes, and booklets of recipes published by Birds, Good Housekeeping, Ministry of Food, Van den Bergh & Jergens Limited and the Women’s Gas Council.

Forms part of the Garner family of Manchester’s collection in the Documentary Photographic Archive. Donated by Doris Henderson of Australia, 1997.



6 thoughts on “FREE Wartime recipe book archive

  1. What an unbelievably amazing resource! More info on one site than I’ve found in oodles of searching. Time to get cooking Carolyn!
    I’m going to try as many of those as I can…


    • I’m going to go and cook scones in a minute 🙂 Nom nom! COOK OFF!!! We should so have a 1940s Cook Off one day on here and share piccys of everything we cook..

      Time to think about the 1940s Virtual Tea Party again


      • YES YES YES..
        I’d love to be able to post pics / recipes of what I’ve cooked and share it. I’d love to see what others are tucking into as well!!!
        I find food fascinating generally, but food created in times of austerity (WWII) are particularly interesting.
        I think a synchronised tea party would be a fantastic idea…

        Have you looked at 1940socialnetwork site at all Carolyn?

        They have a live “chat” function which would tick on well for something like a tea party. Don’t know if it is something you would consider? I’m sure there are others like myself who would happily ‘chip in’ to cover costs associated.

        The benefits of this site to me outweigh the worries of having to pop in a few pound to help….

        Any thoughts?


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