Toad in the Hole- Recipe No 114


This was a popular wartime recipe using sausages and batter and was very filling when served with vegetables, potato and gravy.  I used vegan sausages, soy milk and omitted the egg (and added a teaspoon of vinegar and a level teaspoon of baking powder) to make the dish “vegan friendly”. It tasted good but the batter was heavy and didn’t rise much.

Here is the original wartime recipe..

Toad in the Hole

  • 1 oz of margarine/butter or dripping
  • 1 lb sausages
  • 5 oz plain flour
  • pinch salt
  • 1 tablespoon dried egg powder
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1/2 pint of milk or milk and water


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200 C (400 F) or Gas Mark 6.
  2. Put the cooking fat into a Yorkshire pudding tin and place in oven for 5 minutes, add the sausages and toss in fat and cook for a further 5 minutes or so.
  3. Raise the temp to 220 C (425 F) or Gas Mark 7
  4. Blend the ingredients for the batter together (dry ingredients first and then slowly mix in the water/milk)
  5. Pour the batter over the piping hot sausages and bake for 30 minutes until well risen and golden brown
  6. Remove and serve


19 thoughts on “Toad in the Hole- Recipe No 114

  1. Mouthwatering, I love making this in different versions. I have made (veggie) meatballs and also tried other fillings for the batter. Such a versatile recipe and very very filling.
    Top choice Carolyn. Those new potatoes look delicious as well, and do I detect mint sauce on them?

    • Yes very filling and yummy indeed 🙂 Mint sauce- yes absolutely! Just a smidgen on new potatoes and with peas 🙂

  2. Next time you might try using beer as your leavening, or use straight bicarb with the vinegar. When I want a batter I generally replace the liquid called for with a good lager and then, if I really want to make it extra light and crispy, a little bit of baking powder.

  3. As promised Lentil Sausage recipe: cook 3oz redlentils with a chopped leek or onion with a good tablespoon finely chopped sage and agenerous amount of seasoning in water to cover until a thick soft puree. Blend with 1tbs flour and 8oz very smooth mashed potato. Chill and form into 8 sausages. Coat in beaten egg orsoya milk and coat in fine breadcrumbs, fry, grill or bake until golden. Omit coating if using in toad in the hole. When making burgers, sausages or loaf vegan style a tablespoon or two of potato flour acts as a good binding agent. Have a recipe for a very decent substitute for ‘cheese’ sauce if you want it. Anona

  4. Golden Sauce: 1 cup of water, 1 med potato peeled and chunked, 1/2 med carrot peeled and chunked, 1/2 med onion peeled and chopped. Cook together until carrot is tender and place in blender with 1/2 cup tofu, 1-4 nutritional yeast(1/2cup if using as ‘melted’ cheese, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp salt,1/4 tsp garlic granules. Blend until very smooth. Serve immediately or refrigerate (it will keep for a week and can be gently re-heated). Use where ever you would use cheese sauce or on toast grilled as welsh rarebit. Only 306 cals per 1/4 cup and I am an absolute addict. Anona

    • I’ve always used nutritional yeast as a supplement and it does add a cheesy flavour sprinkled over things. However I’ve not been able to find it since moving to the UK- any high street stores sell it or will I have to order online? (I’ve seen it online)

      That sounds just lovely xxx

      • that should read 36 cals per 1/4 cup. Pardon my lousy typing. I get nutritional yeast from my local wholefood shop. Order it one day and it appears like magic the next. It is Marigold brand so easily got. Have got it in my head that you are in Nottingham and there is a thriving vegan community there and also a wholefood/café that is very accommodating.

  5. When we lived on war rations for many years due to lack of money, sausages and especially toad in the hole were one of our favourite meals (we used to only allow 1 sausage each per week though). I used to love using dried egg powder but since the company has been taken over, they no longer make it. How annoying!

    • There is something to be said for living on rations… it is a frugal way of feeding xxx

      Before I became vegan, I used dried powdered egg in ration book recipes and it worked pretty well BUT I have never smelled anything so awful!! 🙂

  6. When I was a kid, we had a kids’ book listing “kid friendly” food from around the world. It included a recipe that was supposed to be Scottish called Toad in the Hole where one would fry and egg in the hole of a piece of toast or bread. Is all or a part of this incorrect?

  7. Laura, I had a recipe book for kids when I was younger, and there was one that called for cracking an egg into a hole in the centre of a piece of toast, and baking it until firm. This was called ‘Ox Eye Toast’ in my recipe book.

  8. Um, excuse me, I’m doing a project for school and I was wondering how much people that this dish serves (according to the recipe).

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