The 1940s Experiment- the most ridiculous fad diet


This gave me quite the giggle on Zooey Deschanel’s website…

The 1940s Experiment has been listed as the number 1 most ridiculous fad diet, up there with the “Joan Crawford Diet” and the “Grapefruit Diet”…

Of course it’s all written “tongue-and-cheek” and I do hope people don’t actually think this is the newest fad diet out there…. but thank you for linking to my blog and please feel free to have some fun cooking and tasting some wartime recipes if you hang around to take a look.

Here is the article

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10 thoughts on “The 1940s Experiment- the most ridiculous fad diet

  1. She obviously hasn’t noticed that this diet was designed by nutritionists of the day to provide a very healthy diet. No obese people during the war…take a look around the High Street and tell me we eat a better diet now!..also no mention of the huge amounts of vegetables and pulses that replaced the fats,sugars and meat mountains that we eat today.

  2. It’s nice that she portrays a rationed diet as heavy on fats and meats….and doesn’t mention that unlimited amounts of produce is desired and highly recommended. I would lose weight, too, if I ate nothing but a ham steak fried in butter once a week!

  3. She obviously hasn’t really read your blog, or looked at the program, just did a quick look and didn’t understand. Not a fad, and thanks for putting so much effort into the recipes. I appreciate it.

  4. First, you’re famous, yeaah ! Second, your url threw me off too, I did hesitate when I saw that your blog was about a “sexperiment” ! Third, your diet is fabulous and so are you !!

  5. it is obvious that she only did surface research when writing that article. she fails to realize that ww2 rationing was not a fad but a mindset and lifestyle people had to adopt to survive and maintain society in tough times. we are in tough times right now and a similar mindset might be advantageous today.

  6. I’m really surprised to see it listed as a fad diet. A little bit of research on her part would have shown her how healthy people were during WW2 despite the rationing. To add to this, many doctors now are recommending the same plant based diet to turn the raging obesity epidemic around. Shame on her for blogging without proper research!

  7. I don’t think the lady realized that these foods were not the total diet and that people would have filled up on veggies, potatoes, oatmeal, and whatever fruit was available. Sure, if one ate ONLY the items on the ration list, it would be a very weird diet. I get the impression that the lady goes for the soundbyte and doesn’t do research. You have a lot more sense than she does, Carolyn, and you’re a far better writer too.

  8. I went back and checked: Ms. Rose did NOT read the blog. She said, in her own words: Based on only these ingredients with only these measurements, you create meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let’s see if this one catches on.

    In her introduction to this most ridiculous faddy piece, she said, also in her very own words:
    Fad diets, often known as crash diets, are all about avoiding the whole working hard, eating right and exercising approach to weight loss. Instead you take dieting to a whole new drastic level in hopes of losing some weight or looking leaner in a matter of weeks or days. And the weight you lose anyway is just water weight and then when you’re done with the diet you eat everything in your fridge and other people’s fridges and you feel even worse than before.

    Had she read Carolyn’s blog, Ms. Rose would have known that
    1. Carolyn works hard – for one thing, she actually does research!
    2. Carolyn eats right
    3. Carolyn exercises.
    4. Carolyn’s weight loss is not water weight
    5. Carolyn’s weight loss took a year and Carolyn wasn’t expecting loss within weeks or days.

    By her own criteria, Ms. Rose has proven the 1940s diet to be NOT a fad and healthy. Unfortunately she’s also proven herself to be a very poor researcher and a person who confuses cheap shots with humour. I certainly won’t be reading any more of her vapid gigglings.

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