Day 1- 1940s Experiment 2013


Good morning!

Woke at 5 am this morning as we have an early run to the airport so just Marmite on toast for breakfast!

Am so excited about starting on what I hope will be the final leg of this challenge to rid myself of this obesity that has lived with me for the last 20 years and even more excited as there will be other people trying out recipes and giving it a go too!

I’ve been here before several times, so I know it’s never easy moving away from a modern diet full of choices and convenience, and just as difficult taking the time to cook from scratch, but trust me, after a couple of weeks it becomes much easier and for me certainly had the added benefit of controlling my cravings, losing weight and saving me money (average money spent daily was around £1 or £2).

Today’s menu for me

Two pieces of Marmite and margarine on toast

Large raw salad with kidney beans

Beef and prune hot-pot (made with a vegan alternative and served with broccoli)

Hot chocolate (made with a vegan alternative to milk- I’ll be using flax milk)

As a vegan this week I’ll be using some alternatives available such as a dairy free milk and an organic soy alternative to beef and will be taking some extra split peas.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

PS I weighed in and had put more weight on… I start today at 250 lbs and YES I stuffed my face with vegan pizza last night!!

C xxxxx

This evening’s dinner- Hotpot with carrots and kale


28 thoughts on “Day 1- 1940s Experiment 2013

  1. My start is as follows:-

    Weight – 21 st 8 lb (302 lb) – OUCH!

    Breakfast – stewed rhubarb
    Lunch – mixed salad with mushrooms
    Dinner – wholewheat pasta with veggie sauce

    drinks – herbal tea, water, black tea with today’s milk ration

  2. Ok, deep breaths, weighed in fully clothed without shoes at 189 Ibs (13 1/2 stone)
    Breakfast = 2x wholemeal toast(shop bought as I’m baking today)
    Margarine and homemade apricot jam-frugally spread!
    Cup of coffee
    Lunch = Oslo with homemade bread
    Fruit(prob a pear)
    Dinner = small piece of fresh *fish with lots of veggies and potatoes
    *I live in Torquay in South Devon by the se and apparently fish was not quite as scarce as other places. I shall take it as part of my meat rashion & simmer in milk/water then use stock for a sauce as my Grandmother did.
    Supper = rock bun & nice cup of tea!
    Good luck everyone! X

      • That’s true but, like sweets, not readily available! My Parents are both 84 and have quite different memories as my Mother lived in Surrey while my Father lived in Wales and Devon so he ‘had it easy’ according to her!! Anyway, fish & chips were not rationed but very scarce and expensive as the War went on. My Father had fish at home but not my Mother. They get pretty cross with each other I can you … Lol! x

      • I have seen a wartime photo of people eating fish and chips, and the portion size was tiny. They were eating straight out of the paper (as is proper!) and the packet it made was around the size of a packet of crisp today. And I bet a good proportion of that was the chips!

      • But isn’t that one of the problems today? We have got used to portion sizes being so much bigger than they need to be.

  3. Hmmm, had a 12 hour head start on you lovely’s, but weighed in at 98.2 kg which is 216 pounds.
    Ughhhh! ! !
    Brekkie was porridge, lunch was veg soup and grated cheese sandwich. Dinner was left overs from last night, but small serve with half a plate of fresh veg.
    SO hungry tonight, guess I’ll get used to it….

  4. Ok, I’m not fully starting the diet until I can actually pick up a saucepan again (hopefully by the end of the month), but in the spirit of starting today, I put new batteries in the scales, took a deep breath and weighed myself. I knew it wasn’t great, but I weighed in at 219 lbs! Cue the self pity and horror, followed by realising it’s just the kick start I need to get back in control! I also broke the news to my husband that he’s doing this with me. On the bright side, he’s got a couple of weeks to get used to it!

  5. We’re using up left overs with salad and baked potatoes tonight but we’ll be having your recipe cauliflower cheese with bacon tomorrow.
    Lots of luck to you as you start this final push to get rid of the extra weight.

    • I sub lentils for beef all the time – since I’m vegan and don’t really like the meat analogues (fake mince, etc.) Lentils are a great sub for meat. So are chickpeas.

      • So do I- infact lentils, split peas and kidney beans. I “occasionally” have a meat alternative just so I can recreate some of the recipes and try keep the look especially if I’m recreating an authentic recipe. I eat tons of beans and peas etc.. 🙂

  6. I will be starting after my daughter is done breastfeeding as I’m afraid it might affect my supply.But I’m here with you all for the journey.Maybe I’ll learn a few things along the way!!

  7. I have tried a few of your recipes and have to say I really liked them. A fews months ago I became a Vegan and have found that it isn’t so easy. Mainly the cooking and finding what you can eat. I started a blog on my journey I would love to have to follow me, If you liked to. I am sending a link.
    Sorry that my blog it’s the greatest. I am aslo learning how to blog as I go!

    Hope to see you there!

  8. Just got back from the airport… knackered! my two slices of Marmite and toast saw me through from 6 am until 1 pm and then I had a nice large salad when I got in. I see there are LOADS of messages and updates and can’t wait to read them through tonight when I have time to sit down and enjoy… I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for posting updates!!! 🙂 Can’t wait for my hot-pot later- famished!!! Anyone else got a rumbly tumbly??? C xxxxx

    • I just had a delicious piece of fresh cod loin(who knew they have loins??) which I poached in milk & water. Removed fish and kept warm, strained the liquid and used it to make a roux sauce with a little butter and flour with spring onions and finished with a scraping of strong cheddar. Put sauce on fish, little cheese on top & under grill. Half a plate of broccoli and sweetcorn as I needed to use it up, extra sauce plus homemade bread. I AM STUFFED! Smallest serving of fish I’ve ever cooked and it was fab!
      Kids have fallen on bread and love it!
      Hope your hotspot was yummy? Xx

    • When you casually said you were off to the airport later I thought that this was THE big day! But no, you’re back. You can’t take a trip like that on just two pieces of bread and marmite, nice though it is, and a treat for me too. Good luck with the trip, whenever it is.

  9. Well done Carolyn for getting “back on the road”. Best of luck, although I know it’s not luck but blooming hard work.

  10. Well my DAY 2 has started with 2x home baked wholemeal toast with marg & jam with a steaming cup of tea! Lovely!
    Lunch will be leftover cottage pie from Sunday
    Dinner = baked potato with butter, a little of my ham ration, scrrraping of cheese and salad.
    I will probably bake with my daughter after school so…maybe some hot cross buns without the crosses?! Or Glory buns?
    How is everyone today? Carolyn, is this your moving day? Good luck, keep calm & carry on! X

  11. Nope I moved into our temporary rental here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia a week or so ago but will be spending the next two weeks back and forth to the old place to finish clearing it out and cleaning it up then hand the keys over to the new owner… BIG MOVE back to the UK is around end of June (no definite date yet- I go in for an interview with Canadian Border Services on Thursday)

    Good morning!!!!!!!! Wow Louise- your day sounds yummy!!!

    • Ooh, it must be a strange time for you guys!
      Slight change to my menu when I discovered a couple of carrots,an elderly leek & a rather soft tomato so I made a big pan of split pea soup! It was so good I decided to have some for lunch with bread n marg…’twas very good & made me feel smug too!

  12. My parents came round for lunch after having been to the dentist. I made leftover veggies and lentil soup, kind to sore mouths. I must be getting my kitchen mojo back because I made a small seeded spelt soda bread to go with the soup. Tonight it’s corned beef hash with a massive salad picked from the garden. Can’t wait!

  13. Interesting commen/point from Jolly Hindra. Did nursing mothers get extra rations, and did the rations affect the newborn babies? Anyone got any information on this? BTW Congrats to Jolly on your happy event.

    • Yes pregnant and nursing mothers did get extra rations. They got a supplementary ration book which was a different colour to the standard adult one. Obviously it made pregnancies hard to conceal from the neighbours!

  14. Poop! I had it in my head that you were starting on May 18, not May 13! 🙁 Well, I’ll start tomorrow then — only 4 days behind you.

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