Weekly weigh in- Jan 18, 2013

More weight off! 3 lbs this week so that is 8 lbs of the 19 lbs I put on over Christmas shifted..

Just a QUICK UPDATE…. things are crazy busy ..

PS I’m gonna start at the track again! I miss walking so much!

C xxx

9 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in- Jan 18, 2013

  1. So wish we lived near one another, I love to walk, feel better overall and we would have a grand time encouraging one another. Keep us posted as you find the time please.


  2. Good going!! Your positive attitude has triumphed again! You’re a good influence on me…..I joined Weight Watchers this week, and am determined to make it work. Thanks for a great blog!


  3. I’ve just discovered your wonderful blog and been having fun reading through your posts. This idea of rationing was so inspiring that when I got home from work I pulled out all my old ‘war time’ cook books (even one my mother gave me with the blue wartime rationing section) to see what I could make for myself.

    However, I have a question, which I think you might have addressed elsewhere, but I haven’t come across. How do you determine how much food per week to use/eat? I assume all fruits and vegetables, in season, are OK. Its the other stuff I can’t figure out.

    Are we allowed one loaf of bread a week? How many eggs? Ounces of meat? etc.

    Sorry for all the questions! I’m just really excited to try my own 40s style cooking. If I tell my mother, I’m sure she’d think I flipped my lid šŸ™‚


  4. Well done Carolyn, wish I had your tenacity!!! I’ll get there i guess. Making a concerted effort this week to start up again…Just wondering if you have OXO where you are, though now I think about it, it is a beef stock so you probably don’t use it. Do you have a vegetarian substitute? I just don’t like the texture of meat and the thought of it. I have however used OXO stock in cooking and have made some great veg stews with it and adding potato/cheese dumplings to stews makes them so hearty.


  5. Keep going:it’s fresh weight so it should shift fairly easily. I’ve shed my Christmas weight now, plus a pound. It was quite easy once I started back at the gym.


  6. Well done šŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing OK. I’ve got to get my Christmas weight off yet so will be having a look through your recipes again. šŸ™‚


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