One million visits to the blog

Two things to celebrate today!

First, yesterday was weigh-in day and I lost 5 lbs which is a great start to losing the 19 lbs I put on over Christmas! It will be off in no time!!!

Secondly, just now, my little old blog got it’s 1 MILLIONTH VISIT, yes that’s 1,000,000 visits in total now (between 2,000 to 8,000 per day) which basically means there are a lot of people out there interested in eating in a simpler, basic way and also interested in recipes from the WW2 era!

Thank you to everyone who continues to pop in now and again and is kind enough to leave a comment or try a recipe for themselves or share one of the 1940s Experiments pages..

Love you

C xxxxxxxxxxxxx

12 thoughts on “One million visits to the blog

  1. Congratulation on your 1000000 posts
    I have been watching the Wartime Farm series of late. Thank you for the links.

  2. Well done! Those are both fantastic achievements, but mainly the blogging one. I am actually more impressed with the figure of 2,000 to 8,000 per day. That is amazing! And something to tell your publisher. Get on with it!

  3. I the year of our Lord 1948, we as a family landed in South Africa the land of milk and homey, from the ruins of London England, I can remember that all the people I saw there were slim and healthy, minimum food maximum work, and the place was buzzing to get things right again. In SA the people were fatish and lethargic, tomorrow will do, attitude. Now what do I see on Sky News, fat frumpish people who want the Labour government back so that they can do nothing and get paid. What a change sixty years have brought about, Carolyn you are right to say that the diet was good in the war time, at least those government officials did a good thing in bringing in the rations for the people to have a balanced diet.
    Regards Alan

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